Here Are The Worst Movies of 2017 …… So Far

As we approach the home stretch of the summer movie season, it’s time we take a step back and examine the worst movies of 2017… so far.

Power Rangers

Power Rangers was meant to launch a series of sequels aimed at revitalizing this franchise. While it was cool to see them back on screen, audiences proved that nostalgia can only take you so far. Don’t get me wrong, it was neat seeing The Power Rangers but the story line was just so uneventful.  Here’s my review. Check out the trailer.


Once upon a time, TWC had visions of this being Matthew McGonaughey’s next greatest film. Lackluster performances and a highly uninspiring narrative doomed this movie from the start. Here’s my review. Check out the trailer.


The Mummy

This film was meant to launch a whole new cinematic universe involving some of the most iconic monsters that have ever been in movies. Instead, what they received is a heavy dose of Tom Cruise overacting which detracted from the overall quality of the film. Here’s my review. Check out the trailer.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales

If you have seen the first Pirates Of The Caribbean, then there’s no need subject yourself to the 5th installment of this franchise. While some franchises seem to get better over time, this one appears to become more rote. Unfortunately, due to a big box-office overseas, we will more than likely be seeing a sixth installment sooner rather than later. Here’s my review. Check out the trailer.

It Comes At Night

What comes off as a cool concept for a zombie film is truly a whole bunch of nothing. Where Get Out was edgy and made a social statement, It Comes At Night was boring and really didn’t say a whole lot. I debated whether or not this film should even make the list but with such a miss opportunity, how could it not? Even All Eyez On Me had some standout performances amongst the blah narrative. This one was truly a disappointment. Here’s my review. Check out the trailer.

The Space Between US

A movie that was delayed so many times it became comical. Just a poorly developed narrative that comes off as contrived and lacking in any heart. Guy Ritchie’s use of special effects made King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword slightly higher on this list but Asa Butterfield’s lack of sincerity in the film made it almost a toss up as to which film was worse. Here’s my review. Check out the trailer.

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

A movie that was delayed two times in hopes of finding the one week in which they could release it and do well. Guy Ritchie just couldn’t help himself as he seems to overdue a number of special effects and use of fast motion sequences. Zoey Deutch’s performance in Before I Fall allows the film to crack the top 3 of this list but Charlie Hunnam’s performance made it awfully close. Here’s the review. Here’s the trailer.

Before I Fall

A terrible novel to adapt for the big screen mixed with a lackluster cast made this film very painful to sit through. Zoey Deutch should not have been cast as the lead because the role she was playing required range. Also if you are attempting to adapt a novel to the big screen, make sure that what you’ve come up with is entertaining. This movie should have been seen on Lifetime, not your local theater.  Here’s my review. Here’s the trailer

Transformers: The Last Knight

Many would argue that the latest Transformers film deserves the top spot and my response to that is it’s close. Bye Bye Man is a mess from top to bottom but Transformers: The Last Knight is a mess by design. Michael Bay’s ego has grown so out of control that he decided to literally just put in whatever he wanted in this storyline (whether it made sense or not). One of the only saving graces for this mess of a film was the familiarity we had with some of the characters. Here’s my review. Check out the trailer.

Bye Bye Man

An utterly bewildering horror film that left audiences wondering in disbelief (and not in a good way). How is it possible that they could get so much wrong in one film? A terrible storyline, haphazard casting, and a monster that elicits more snickers than screams. Some might feel that Transformers deserves the top spot but at least their casting kind of made sense. Here’s my review. Check out the trailer

Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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