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INTERVIEW: Writer/Director Theo Francocci Became The Demon In NYCTOPHOBIC

Nyctophobic is a horror short film by writer/director Theo Francocci (Rick & Morty) about a woman battling inner demons while real demons, both human and other, run amuck. 

LAST NIGHT IN SOHO Is A Haunting #MeToo Era Horror Flick

Whenever Edgar Wright makes a film, there is always interest from film aficionados. His latest film sees the filmmaker make a dark and intense...

INTERVIEW: Composers Jon Ehrlich and Jason Derlatka Make Amazon’s GOLIATH Sound Big

GOLIATH is an Amazon series starring Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade) as a formerly brilliant lawyer turned alcoholic after he blames himself for a case that ended in tragedy. Jon Ehrlich and Jason Derlatka added the sonic layers that elevate the show's drama.

INTERVIEW: Production Designer Holly Trotta Immerses Viewers In WITCH HUNT

An interview with production designer Holly Trotta who helped create the world of Witch Hunt where witches among us in the modern-day.

INTERVIEW: Dan Larson Documents Nostalgia On YouTube Channel Toy Galaxy

Nostalgia's a hell of a drug in the 21st century as beloved franchises are rebooted, reimagined, or continued seemingly endless, and over at the YouTube channel Toy Galaxy, they deep dive into the origins of that nostalgia.

Top 7 Manga Adaptations of All Time

Manga has been massively influential in the pop culture world, although its impact outside of Japan is more down to animated adaptations rather than...

INTERVIEW: Writer, Producer, Director Hilton Ariel Ruiz Discusses ZOMBIE WITH A SHOTGUN

ZOMBIE WITH A SHOTGUN is a horror film on Amazon Prime from writer, producer, director Hilton Ariel Ruiz with some fresh ideas for the zombie mythos, including giving the living dead some heavy firepower and a bone to pick with a lot of people.

INTERVIEW: Content Creator MMOByte Dives Deep Into MMOs And More

Content creators like MMOByte devote countless hours, researching, writing, reading, and playing video games on behalf of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

DUNE REVIEW: An Old-School Trilogy Opening Act

DUNE hits theaters and HBO MAX on October 22; listen to my quick thoughts on the film and why I had an enjoyable movie...

INTERVIEW: Hair and Makeup Department Head Angel Hanes Makes WILD INDIAN Feel Gritty and Grounded

Hair and Makeup Department Head Angel Hanes makes WILD INDIAN look its grittiest to match the film's compelling narrative. 

INTERVIEW: Content Creator The Closer Look Dives Into Movie Analysis On YouTube

The Closer Look is a YouTube channel written, produced, and hosted by London-er Henry that's dedicated to examining pop culture in ways beyond your typical praise, hate, or egg hunting.

INTERVIEW: Sound Editor Matthew Waters Makes The Building Come Alive In Hulu’s ONLY MURDER IN THE BUILDING

Sound editor Matthew Waters made the building come to life in Only Murder in the Building on Hulu