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Inside The Box: Defining The Use Of Captions In Blade Runner Adaptation

An array of comics have used Captions for different purposes but ultimately they come down to one of two main functions: Style and Narrative.

Face Your Fears: Revisiting INFIDEL During Our Time of Revolution

Racism was woven into our cultural fabric before we would even call ourselves the United States. It's woven into the red, white, and blue...

The Building Blocks Of Story Telling In SLEEPING BEAUTIES

Sleeping Beauties is a visual treat and worth picking apart, layer by layer. The artistry on display is exceptional and complex

SPIDER-MAN LIFE STORY: The Potential For Multiple Spin-Offs

Spider-Man Life Story written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Mark Bagley is one of the best series of Marvel Comics in recent memory,...

Eye Grabbing Panels In UNDONE BY BLOOD #3

Undone By Blood is not bound by rules and instead demonstrates exactly what you can do with a page of panels and images.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK and Geoff Johns’s Apolitical Superman

Love it or hate it, Doomsday Clock and its publishing history have caused a lot of discussion about DC Comics and its future. Some...


Shadow Show: Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury is an anthology of short stories inspired by the late science fiction author. The stories included...


Blue has a straightforward structure that the reader can follow to get the most out of the graphic novel without being overwhelmed by complex, medium specific, constructs.

How ALIENS: THE ORIGINAL COMICS SERIES Takes Advantage of Its Lack of Color

Most modern comic books make use of a colorist who plays a very significant role in the final art that a reader will see....

Self-Published Spotlight: CRIME-KILLER by Brian Judge

Welcome to Self-Published Spotlight, a regular interview column where I will be highlighting self-published comics and the creators and small print publishers who make...

How THE ULTIMATES Changed My Concept Of What A Comic Book Could Be

My first exposure to comics was in the early 90s. Born in 1984, the first comic I ever saw was the final issue of...

I’d Buy That For A Dollar: TERROR INC. #12 (Marvel Comics June 1993)

Welcome to 'I'd Buy That For A Dollar' a column where I will be exploring the weird and wonderful world of dollar bin diving....
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Review: DISASTER INC #2 Is A Modern Horror For A Modern World

Disaster Inc is a very modern horror. It has a visual style that contradicts classic horror comics, opting for a clearer, cleaner aesthetic.

BOOM! Preview: Space Gods And Scavengers In WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEY’RE DEAD #1

What happens when the interstellar Gold Rush of the future relies on the corpses of gigantic space gods? BOOM! Studios has just such a...

Exclusive Interview: Jason Howard Talks BIG GIRLS #1

BIG GIRLS #1 hits your local comic book shop on August 12, but thanks to Image Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots was able to chat...

Marvel Preview: Shang-Chi Takes On All Comers On The Cover Of SHANG-CHI #1

With production resuming shortly on the Shang-Chi film, Marvel Comics is anxious to build anticipation for the titular character. Now, Marvel released an early...