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Landscaping Atmosphere in STILLWATER #1

In Stillwater the creators build a visual landscape that reflects the unnerving narrative so that one aspect feeds beautifully into the other

ALEX ROSS: Portraying The Timelessness Of Superheroes

Alex Ross is arguably one of the most influential artists in comics. After going through some of his best page work in regards to...

How WE ONLY FIND THEM WHEN THEY’RE DEAD Creates Believable Characters in an Unbelievable World

We Only Find Them When They're Dead is a new science fiction series published by BOOM! Studios that tells a wondrous tale in a...

Character Construction In LONELY RECEIVER #1

Lonely Receiver by Zac Thompson, Jen Hickman, and Simon Bowland is a prime example of superb character building

On Becoming A Tree in Life And Death According To FAMILY TREE #8

Jeff Lemire teams with illustrator Phil Hester, Letterer Eric Gapstur, and colorist Ryan Cody to give us Image Comics' lush genre-hybrid Family Tree. Available...

LIVEWIRE: Post-Event Fallout Fatigue Implications

Livewire from Valiant Entertainment has superstar writer Vita Ayala attached for a take on crossover event fallout. This former henchwoman built up a reputation...

Lightning on the Panel – Vertigo’s Legacy in Modern Comics

  In the early to mid 1980’s, a wave of comic creators swept the offices at DC comics and began transforming the landscape of mainstream...

HaKashaph: The Witchy Jewish Potential of BtVS: WILLOW #1

Joss Whedon has created myriad iconic female characters throughout his career and yet, besides Buffy, I would defy anyone to find a Whedonverse character...

I’d Buy That For A Dollar: DC Comics’ WHO’S WHO (1985-1987)

Welcome to 'I'd Buy That For A Dollar' a column where I will be exploring the weird and wonderful world of dollar bin diving....

BIG GIRLS And Relatable Monsters

In Big Girls, Jason Howard creates a solid foundation from which the readers can view the rest of the narrative.

THE SENTRY: REBORN and Perfecting Surprise Reveals

The Sentry: Reborn is a wonderful tale about the golden guardian of good that is filled to the brim with twists. Paul Jenkins crafts...

OP-ED: REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN: False Supermen and Jesus Christ

A man dies for the fate of the world, is mourned by his followers, and is laid to rest. He carried the weight of...

Inside The Box: Defining The Use Of Captions In Blade Runner Adaptation

An array of comics have used Captions for different purposes but ultimately they come down to one of two main functions: Style and Narrative.

Face Your Fears: Revisiting INFIDEL During Our Time of Revolution

Racism was woven into our cultural fabric before we would even call ourselves the United States. It's woven into the red, white, and blue...

The Building Blocks Of Story Telling In SLEEPING BEAUTIES

Sleeping Beauties is a visual treat and worth picking apart, layer by layer. The artistry on display is exceptional and complex

SPIDER-MAN LIFE STORY: The Potential For Multiple Spin-Offs

Spider-Man Life Story written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Mark Bagley is one of the best series of Marvel Comics in recent memory,...

Eye Grabbing Panels In UNDONE BY BLOOD #3

Undone By Blood is not bound by rules and instead demonstrates exactly what you can do with a page of panels and images.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK and Geoff Johns’s Apolitical Superman

Love it or hate it, Doomsday Clock and its publishing history have caused a lot of discussion about DC Comics and its future. Some...


Shadow Show: Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury is an anthology of short stories inspired by the late science fiction author. The stories included...


Blue has a straightforward structure that the reader can follow to get the most out of the graphic novel without being overwhelmed by complex, medium specific, constructs.
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