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Comic book reader, reviewer and critic. Waiting patiently for the day they announce 'Doctor Who on The Planet of the Apes'.

Review: Comics Studies: HOW TO STUDY COMICS

if there is one thing that this book makes clear, it is that, with 44 pages, you can only scratch at the surface of the Comics Studies field

Comics Studies: Questions of ADAPTATION

When we discuss movie adaptations of comic books there is a desire to compare the two versions but is this a fair to either form?

Review: CHAINED TO THE GRAVE #1 A Psychedelic Horror Western.

Chained To The Grave is a comic to be experienced and enjoyed like a good B-Movie.

Review: MONSTERS Is A Masterpiece Of Modern Comic Books

On April 13, 2021, publisher Fantagraphics is due to release Monsters, which, in their own words, is ‘the most anticipated graphic novel in recent...

Comics Studies: SUPERMAN and Transmedia Myth Making

Superman has become a part of popular culture, reaching audiences who have never read a superhero comic.

Review: HISTORY OF COMICS Embarks On An Ambitious Project

Comicscene History of Comics has appealing covers, a curated mix of articles and reviews, and plenty of images to break up the text.

Review: SCOUT’S HONOR #1 Throws You Directly Into The Superb Action

Scouts Honor never lets you take a breath so that by the end you find yourself totally engrossed in the world.

Comics Studies: STAGED And Television As Comics

Staged is a television show that borrows heavily for the Comics lexicon to create a challenging narrative form


The Comic Book History of Animation from IDW starts in the roots of illustration and searches for the seeds of animation

Review: DUNE HOUSE ATREIDES #2 Settles Into Its Style and Starts To Gather Speed

With a host of characters and expanding plots, Dune House Atreides #2 is a satisfying read and it’s beginning to feel a lot more like Dune.

Review: ANGEL+SPIKE #16 Rushes Headlong To A Conclusion

Angel+Spike #16 has some outstanding scenes, the interplay between all of the comics elements create an atmospheric and complex narrative

Review: LONESOME DAYS SAVAGE NIGHTS Is A Brutal Emotional Journey Through Anger

Lonesome Days Savage Nights, published by TKO Studios, is an engrossing tale of internal violence and repressive anger.