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Comic book reader, reviewer and critic. Waiting patiently for the day they announce 'Doctor Who on The Planet of the Apes'.
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Inside The Box: Defining The Use Of Captions In Blade Runner Adaptation

An array of comics have used Captions for different purposes but ultimately they come down to one of two main functions: Style and Narrative.

Review: ALIENATED #4 Is Pleasing To The Eye But Heavy On The Heart

Parts of this issue of Alienated could cause distress which is a testament to how natural and realistic the narrative feels.

Review: VLAD DRACUL #1 Contains The Sublime Beauty Of The Dracula Mythos

Vlad Dracul, translated from the original Italian, is an artistic reflection of history and an enjoyable one at that.

The Building Blocks Of Story Telling In SLEEPING BEAUTIES

Sleeping Beauties is a visual treat and worth picking apart, layer by layer. The artistry on display is exceptional and complex

Review: ANGEL + SPIKE #11 Where Brooding And Fighting Evil Go Hand In Hand

This issue of Angel is packed with character development and the world Hill is building is both familiar and brand new.

Review: Taking On GREEN LANTERN EARTH ONE In Preparation For Round Two

Green Lantern Earth One is a beautiful book. The artwork is impressive and there are outstanding storytelling techniques on display

Eye Grabbing Panels In UNDONE BY BLOOD #3

Undone By Blood is not bound by rules and instead demonstrates exactly what you can do with a page of panels and images.

Preview: FENCE RIVALS Building Tension And Growing Friendships

In Fence Rivals the creative team have pushed the design and storytelling to greater heights, improving on previous arcs.

Review: A Question Of Violence In ARCHANGEL 8 #2

Archangel 8 is an adult action story with a conscience and a point to make, Preacher merged with The Punisher.


Blue has a straightforward structure that the reader can follow to get the most out of the graphic novel without being overwhelmed by complex, medium specific, constructs.

Review: OXYGEN #1 RED Is An Exhilarating Breath Of Fresh Air

Oxygen is a surprisingly action paced comic despite the fact that it serves simply as an introduction to Wildman’s new world without giving anything away.

Review: POSTAL: DELIVERANCE #8 Firing On All Cylinders

With Postal Deliverance #8, Hill, Ienco, and Peteri, have produced an engrossing page turner and one of the best issues of the series so far.