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Review: Graverobbers and Gallows in BLACK HAMMER: VISIONS #8

From page one of Dark Horse Comics' Black Hammer: Visions #8, we witness a story that is laced with doom. Last Views Rest Home sits in a rocky landscape, with a beat up pickup truck, sagging power lines, and dozens of crows surrounding it. It's 1955 in Arizona, and...

Review: EAT THE RICH #2 – Healthcare, For An Arm And A Leg

Writer Sarah Gailey and artist Pius Bak return with another cutting chapter of satirical horror in Eat The Rich #2. Along with colors by Roman Titov and letters from Cardinal Rae, this issue digs into the heart of this story's silly yet smart premise. With a painfully relevant message and great...

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Review: SWEET PAPRIKA #3 – Who’s Gonna Drive You Home?

The immensely talented Mirka Andolfo (Unnatural, Deep Beyond) brings us another fantastic chapter with Sweep Paprika #3. With help from Simon Tessuto's colors, Fabio Amelia's letters, and localization from Steve Orlando, this issue offers more of Andolfo's trademark humor, clever writing chops, and stunning visual work. Complete with a deviously funny...


A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance is a triumph of storytelling and silently screams it’s brilliance across the pages.

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