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Review: SHADOWMAN #5 – A War of Ideologies

Shadowman #5 resurrects Valiant Entertainment's horror hero for a thrilling new arc on January 19th. Background The Deadside of the Valiant Universe is reacting to the mortals' vices and misery, creating blights of spirits. Jack Boniface, the titular Shadowman, tries to keep the peace but finds himself in a losing battle....

Review: PRIMORDIAL #5 Expertly Balances Intrigue and Emotion

Image Comics' Primordial series is full of beauty and heartbreak. It takes complicated concepts and boils them down to the devastatingly powerful emotions at the center of this story. Primordial #5, the penultimate issue to this stunning series, is no exception. Writer Jeff Lemire, artist Andrea Sorrentino, colorist Dave Stewart, and letterer...

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Review: Swinging into a New Adventure in CATWOMAN #39

Catwoman #39 is a bold and fun start to a new plot arc, one that introduces dozens of new threats, allies, and potential distractions for Selina Kyle.

Review: NIGHTWING #88 is a Nostalgic Shotgun Blast of Fun

DC Comics' Nightwing continues to be a glorious love letter to fans of Dick Grayson. Writer Tom Taylor, artist Bruno Redondo, colorist Adriano Lucas, and letterer AndWorld Design continue to celebrate all the different facets that make Nightwing who he is. Nightwing #88 focuses on Dick Grayson as a team member...

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