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I'm a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and have been doing reviews for many years. My views on film are often heard in markets such as Atlanta, Houston, and satellite radio. My wife often tolerates my obsession for all things film related and two sons are at an age now where 'Trolls' is way cooler than dad. Follow me on twitter @mrsingleton.

Review: JACK RYAN Delivers An Action Packed Explosively Entertaining First Season

Amazon Prime's Jack Ryan delivers white-knuckle levels of excitement and heart-pounding action sequences easily making it the best new TV series to debut this fall.


Desiree Akhavan’s The Miseducation Of Cameron Post is a compelling dive into the dangers of a misguided ideology and the internal torment one is subjected to when they are forced to conform.

Review: CRAZY RICH ASIANS Is The Summer’s Biggest Breakout Hit

Groundbreaking is a word carelessly applied and rarely applicable in our world. Just because something is new doesn't mean we need to document that moment to preserve for posterity. However, there are those rare instances where that word doesn't adequately cover scope what's being discussed.

Review: DOG DAYS Reminds Us To Never Judge A Movie Just By The Trailer

Dog Days highlights the power of companionship and the various forms of love which can originate from the furriest of our friends.

Review: THE MEG Will Delightfully Devour You With Entertainment And Mayhem

The Meg is a ridiculously constructed testosterone infused jaunt into a farcical world where Jason Statham is invincible and so are Tea Cup Yorkies. Some releases tend to dabble with insane concepts which defy all logic, while The Meg bathes in them to the delight of fans who crave more from where that came from.

Review: SUCCESSION Finale The One Where Things Went Off The Main Road

After last week's episode of Succession, Adam McKay and Jesse Armstrong had all of us on what seemingly was a road to war between Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Logan (Brian Cox) but the story took a sudden turn.

Review: CHRISTOPHER ROBIN Examines The Importance Of Staying True To Who You Are

Marc Forster’s Christopher Robin is an intriguing exploration of the power connections have on us and a look at how as we grow older our identity morphs.

Review: SUCCESSION Episode Eight And Nine Is When The Stewie Hits The Fan

A couple of things became crystal clear after last night's episode of Succession. For starters, don't miss an episode because it puts you way behind (I was at the beach last week with my family). More importantly, a war is brewing inside the Roy family, and stakes are only everything Logan (Brian Cox) worked so hard to build.

Review: EIGHTH GRADE Is Exactly The Coming Of Age Movie Our World Needs

Bo Burnham's Eighth Grade perfectly captures the Snap Chat driven Instagram like seeking identity crisis that is being an adolescent. 

Review: MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT Redefines The Action Genre

Christopher McQuarrie's Mission: Impossible - Fallout makes each setting or jaw-dropping sequence an integral part of the film's high octane adrenaline pumping narrative resulting in a final product which is both thrilling and stunning to witness.

Review: CASTLE ROCK A Slow Burning Deliciously Twisted Series Fans Will Love

Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason’s Castle Rock (which makes it debut July 25th on Hulu) takes a slow yet deliberate approach to universe building without sacrificing storytelling or character development.

Review: SUPPORT THE GIRLS Regina Hall Gives Her Best Performance Ever

Andrew Bujalski's Support The Girls is a well-crafted look at the power of sisterhood in the most unlikely of places.