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Fabio Amelia

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Now A Monster Has Come to Hunt In MERCY #2

Mercy #2 throws readers back into this dark and chilling world, one that is unafraid to be both sophisticated and terrifying.

Turmoil and Disturbances Begin in MERCY #1

Mercy #1 is a chilling beginning to a brand new series, as Lady Hellaine makes her presence known, with dramatic results.

The Past and the Present Collide in NOMEN OMEN #5

Nomen Omen #5 is a compelling read, as changes and revelations run wild – right alongside the magic of this hidden world.

The Trials of Magic in NOMEN OMEN #4

Nomen Omen #4 is an ethereal read, full of legend, magic, lore, and curses. What transpires in this issue feels larger than life, while also being solidly grounded.

Enter the World of Magic in NOMEN OMEN #3

Nomen Omen #3 went a long way in getting fans even more invested in the series. The brilliant artwork and character development are exactly what we needed to see.

Nothing Is As It Seems In NOMEN OMEN #2

Nomen Omen #2 is a beautiful followup issue, but one that raises many more questions about Becky and what is happening to her.