Nomen Omen #14 is a dramatic issue, with every named character seemingly stepping up and preparing to do their part in what is to come. The artwork is as stunning as ever, if not more so. The vibrant colors have taken over the landscape – literally.

How the Battle Rages in NOMEN OMEN #14

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Image Comics’ NOMEN OMEN #14, available now, is bringing fans ever closer to the end of the series. While that will be a bittersweet moment, it does mean we are ever closer to seeing how the final battle, both for Arcadia and New York, will play out.

As The World Falls Down” Part Four has brought us even closer to the end, with only one issue left to wrap up the brewing war. In the last issue, it was difficult to predict how Becky (and her assorted allies) were going to find a way to win.

Now, it’s starting to make a bit more sense. The battle cry has been sounded, and everything is about to kick off, thanks to Nomen Omen #14. Though admittedly, it’s still difficult to believe that this series will soon be over.


There is a lot happening in Nomen Omen #14, but then again, that shouldn’t really be a surprise. There’s been a lot happening for quite some time now, with everyone split up and fighting their own battles.

More surprisingly, new characters have entered the fray. It may seem like it’s too late to be doing that, yet somehow Marco B. Bucci is making it work. The character raises countless new questions while also implying a balance that this world of Arcadia is striving so hard to gain.

Likewise, this issue went a long way in showing readers just how much Becky has grown in such a relatively short period of time. Fourteen issues ago, she would have freaked out at the sight of her latest enemy. But now? She’s calm, cool, and okay, pretty ticked off about the whole thing.

It’s refreshing to see the secondary characters and their stories going somewhere as well. It had been difficult to tell how important their presence was going to be. Now even that is getting a bit clearer with time.


Out of all the issues so far, Nomen Omen #14 has some of the most striking artwork. That in itself is saying quite a lot, as the visual storytelling in Nomen Omen has been superb. The characters are more vibrant than ever, which should signify something if you’ve been following along.

Jacopo Camagni’s artwork lends well to the fantastical elements that took over in this issue. There are so many enormous, terrifying, or beautiful creatures to be found here. They’re in sharp contrast to the more mundane characters, though even that is sometimes thrown into question.

Fabiola Ienne’s colors have helped make this series so iconic, with bold color choices that helped set the tone and establish a magical system. Now the opposite is holding true, as colors bleed across the pages, leaving small spots where the color is markedly absent.

Fabio Amelia’s letting is the final touch for this issue, adding tension, weight, and impact – especially during one of the more significant battles that occurred. You can almost hear the wind and magic blowing through the air as the final battle begins.


The stakes have officially been raised in Nomen Omen #14, which I didn’t think was possible. At this point, it already felt like everything was on the line. Yet this issue helped remind us of everyone involved and the importance of the fight they’re taking up. It’s a good reminder, given that the next issue will tell us how the battle itself will play out.

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