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Cat Wyatt is an avid comic book fan. She loves comics - possibly too much, and will happily talk your ear off about everything she's reading. Though picking a favorite is a bit harder. She reads a little bit of everything and is always open to trying a new series.

How The Plot Thickens In LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #5

Lucy Claire: Redemption #5 finely balances what is said with what is left unsaid, all while bringing Lucy's journey forward.


Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #6 concludes the bite-sized tale of Captain Marvel, wrapping the plot up in colorful and amusing ways.

Review: FIREFLY #18 — The Times Are Changing In This ‘Verse

Firefly #18 continues the tale of Sheriff Reynolds, taking a definitive turn away from the original series.

Two Battle For Dominance In Mirka Andolfo’s MERCY #4

Mercy #4 is a deeply unsettling addition to the series, delving into memories and debating about the line between monster and humanity.

How One Family’s Life Just Got More Complicated In DRYAD #4

Dryad #4 is a visually compelling addition to this story, one where a family risks being torn apart by secrets.

How The Past Strikes Back In STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #2

Doctor Aphra's latest scheme is about to go awry in Doctor Aphra #2, in a moment that will leave fans haunted.

How Crimes Go Unnoticed In WICKED THINGS #3

Wicked Things #3 throws a wrench in Lottie's plans, once again. It's another (over)dramatic issue for this spirited character.

NOMEN OMEN #7: A Tale Of Magic And Starting Over

Nomen Omen #7 is arguably the most alarming read of the series, putting Becky and her allies through yet another supernatural trial.

When Determination Knows No Bounds In BATGIRL #47

Batgirl #47 pulls Barbara Gorden into the Joker War in a moment that dregs up the past with horrifying clarity.

How A Sickness Is Found In SPIDER-WOMAN #2

Spider-Woman #2 maintains a balance between humor and concern that is perfect for the characters, leading the readers on a journey like no other.

How The Fight Continues in ONCE & FUTURE #9

Once & Future #9 is an issue full of action and foreshadowing, as yet another legend of old begins their battle.

How The Quirky Adventure Carries On In LUDOCRATS #3

Ludocrats #3 continues the chaos-fueled series with gusto, as characters throw themselves wholeheartedly into their next escapade.