Cat Wyatt

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Cat Wyatt is an avid comic book fan. She loves comics - possibly too much, and will happily talk your ear off about everything she's reading. Though picking a favorite is a bit harder. She reads a little bit of everything and is always open to trying a new series.

Why Aphra’s Forming A New Team In DOCTOR APHRA #1

Doctor Aphra is back, and looking to get herself into more trouble than ever in Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1.

Now A Monster Has Come to Hunt In MERCY #2

Mercy #2 throws readers back into this dark and chilling world, one that is unafraid to be both sophisticated and terrifying.

The Rematch of a Century is About to Occur in STAR #4

Star #4 brings about the rematch we've been waiting for, providing an epic battle and emotionally raw scenes.

Y: THE LAST MAN VOL. 1 Stills Holds Up, All These Years Later

Y the Last Man Vol. 1 is a series that has been concluded for years, and yet it still weights heavily on us even now.

Why JESSICA JONES: ALIAS Is Still A Fan Favorite

Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1 is an intense read, providing fans a look into the negative side of life as a hero.

How MS. MARVEL VOL. 1 Found A Way Into Our Hearts

Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 is the start to an all new character, Kamala Khan. Her character is refreshingly human and unique, and that is why we love her so.

The Cost of Being a Hero in LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #4

Lucy Claire: Redemption #4 brings with it a dramatic reveal that feels right at home in this emotional and intense series.

A Struggle Over Power and Gold in BATGIRL #45

Batgirl #45 begins a horrifying tale of power, and what it costs those who fall by the wayside.

A New Perspective in STAR #3

Star #3 brings Ripley Ryan's raw pain and anger to the forefront, reminding us that she is a human who has gone through significant trauma during this process.

QUANTUM & WOODY #3: A Tale of Deception and Ghosts

Quantum & Woody #3 is another chaos fueled issue, full of dynamic writing, ghosts, and jealousy.

Determination and Grit in STRANGER THINGS: INTO THE FIRE #3

Stranger Things: Into the Fire #3 provides insight on what has happened to Jamie, aka Nine, and all of the implications that come with it.

The Perfect Knight in ONCE & FUTURE #7

Once & Future #7 pits Duncan against the unknown once again, all while other forces have begun their deadly dance.