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Cat Wyatt is an avid comic book fan. She loves comics - possibly too much, and will happily talk your ear off about everything she's reading. Though picking a favorite is a bit harder. She reads a little bit of everything and is always open to trying a new series.

How It All Unravels In FIREFLY #21

Firefly #21 is an issue with a lot of risks, bringing about a lot of change in the universe that Firefly resides in.

The Roles of Heroes and Villains in NOMEN OMEN #10

Nomen Omen #10 twists fairy tale legends of old, warping it into something darker for the conclusion of it's second story arc.

How Quickly Lives Can Change in FAMILY TREE #9

Family Tree #9 dives back into a harrowing world of change and the battle for life, as one family unintentionally brings change to the world.

Love, Loss, and Moving On in SPIDER-WOMAN #5

Spider-Woman #5 wraps up Jessica Drew's latest plot arc, and it does so with violence, betrayal, and a rich intensity unique to Jess' series.


Stranger Things Halloween Special One-Shot sets up a dark and twisted tale, providing a quick and spooky read, with disturbing implications.

Review: CATWOMAN #26 Is Going Back to Her Roots

Catwoman #26 is going back to roots, as Selina Kyle attempts simultaneously find herself, and solve a few recent problems of hers.

Dinosaurs, Mermaids, and Friendship Galore in LUMBERJANES #74

Lumberjanes #74 is a collection of quick adventures from the campers that fans have come to love, as the series begins to wind down.

The Twisting of a Legend in ONCE & FUTURE #12

In Once & Future #12, legends continue to seep into the real world, however they are becoming corrupt and convoluted, and thus a threat to all.

When Things Go Wrong in The RED MOTHER #9

The Red Mother #9 delves deeper into the darkness that is slowly surrounding Daisy's life, all while creating a compelling tale.

Review: WARHAMMER 40K: MARNEUS CALGAR #1 – A Vibrant Introduction

Warhammer 40K: Marneus Calgar #1 dives into a universe known to many, with one hero's origin taking front and center.

How Lives Change in BLACK WIDOW #2

Black Widow #2 dives into a new life for Natasha Romanoff, only things aren't quite as they appear.

Kamala’s Decision in THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #15

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #15 follows on the heels of Champions #1, and doesn't hesitate to dive right into the thick of things.