Nomen Omen #13 is a brilliant issue that isn't afraid to take risks – and bring with it great change. The entire world is in flux here, and there's no telling what will happen before the end. Alongside vibrant artwork, this is quickly turning into a memorable story.

How the World Changes in NOMEN OMEN #13

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Image Comics NOMEN OMEN #13, available now, is about to change the world in characters in unpredictable yet fascinating ways. Thanks to the works of Marco B. Bucci, Jacopo Camagni, Fabiola Ienne, and Fabio Amelia, this is no longer the world that Becky knew so well.

Several surprises await in Nomen Omen #13.

As The World Falls Down” Part thing brings readers ever nearer to the conclusion of the series. With only two issues left, it’s slightly difficult to picture how Becky (and her allies/friends) will have the time to right the world.

Nomen Omen #13 is an issue that brings with it change. That in itself is going to be an understatement. Last we saw, Arcadia had breached into New York City. Becky was fighting to replace her heart. And the fate of many characters was in question.

Now it’s time to see how all of those pieces fall – for better or worse. That has always been one of the stronger storytelling points in this series – obfuscating the truth and the confusion surrounding allies versus enemies.

The Writing

In many ways, Nomen Omen #13 feels so very different from the rest of the series so far. Marco B. Bucci took a lot of risks in writing for this issue, and it shows. The world (at least, New York) has changed, as have all of the characters involved.

But it goes further than that. Even the tone of the story itself felt altered. The story itself is the same, but it feels different. It’s subtle and ephemeral, but it is very much present. It comes hand and hand with all of the other changes and surprises that occurred within these pages.

There are multiple narratives in this issue, some of which in themselves are quite the surprise. New characters, old characters, altered characters, the works. It kept the story moving forward while somehow managing to raise even more questions in the process.

On that note, the narrative surrounding Becky is a beautiful one. It resonates with power. This is a character who has come full circle and is finally claiming ownership over everything that makes her the person she is.

The Art

Much like the story, the art inside Nomen Omen #13 brings with it changes. Though perhaps not quite as drastic in scale. Still, the scenes are remarkable and vibrant – a fact that should stick to all readers’ minds. This series had been heavily black and white, once upon a time.

Jacopo Camagni’s character designs are truly a work of art. The newest addition is striking yet is the perfect counter to what we already know. Likewise, Becky has changed so much, and the artwork did an excellent job of portraying those transitions. Personally, though, the image of the map is the one that kept drawing my eyes back to it. It feels so grounded – and yet so otherworldly at the same time. It’s the true essence of this series.

Fabiola Ienne’s colors are to die for – literally, in some instances. The colors in Nomen Omen have always been a vital clue of what is going on behind the scenes. That fact is more important than ever, as every page is full to bursting – a stark contrast to the first issue. The backgrounds in this issue are especially lovely (see page 19).

Finally, Fabio Amelia’s letters brings it all together. There are many subtle details worth watching for, as the lettering tells the truth behind the words. Otherwise, we might make the mistake of forgetting who the enemies are.


Nomen Omen #13 is a brilliant issue that breaks from an already creative mold to bring fans a world in constant flux. With only two issues left in the series, it’s safe to assume that whatever follows next is going to be just as bold.

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