Nomen Omen #12 is a carefully crafted issue. One that is emotionally tense, brilliantly drawn, and full of wonderful colors. All of which results in a memorable experience, even if readers are left unsure of what the future is going to bring.

Rising to the Challenge in NOMEN OMEN #12

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NOMEN OMEN #12, available Wednesday from Image Comics, continues one dark tale of magic and other worlds. Only, the distance between these worlds is shrinking, and it’s all thanks to the forces at play.

Nomen Omen #12 gives a moment for other characters to shine.

We’re nearing closer to that inevitable end, and Nomen Omen #12 is clearly not afraid to raise the stakes. Then again, the conclusion of the previous issue did a shocking job of that as it stands, leaving fans with a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers.

This whole time Becky has been fighting to get her heart back, yet that’s not all there is to this story, is it? Her story started many years before her heart was stolen (in the most literal sense possible). Now it’s time to see what that will mean, and how it will bring the story forward from this point onward.

*As with the last several issues, Nomen Omen #12 does briefly touch upon a traumatic moment. It has been more graphically implied in the past, and these scenes are more of a quick reminder than anything else. Still, it’s good to remember that this is a series that can get pretty dark.

The Writing

Sometimes, even in the middle of a series, it’s easy to have absolutely no clue what is in store for you. That is the case for Nomen Omen #12, as readers dive in with hundreds of questions, hoping to gain at least a little insight.

Marco B. Bucci did an excellent job of raising alarm alongside all of those questions. The world created here has changed drastically – in the manner of just a few issues. It is a terrifying sight and prospect. Yet there is this lingering sense of hope.

That hope accompanies the varied supporting characters that have been introduced along the way. They are bright spots in what otherwise could be a very concerning issue. Then there’s the mystery and the implications that this issue brings with it.

It’s enough to keep us thinking, at least until the next issue drops. On that note, there are now only three issues left before the series concludes, and that means there’s only so much time left for our characters – heroes and villains alike – to sort themselves out.

The Art

It won’t surprise you to hear that Nomen Omen #12 is another brilliant spectacle. The series has always been able to boast of vibrant and beautiful artwork. The stylistic choices surrounding magic and its portrayal remain among some of my favorites thus far.

Really, that’s only the beginning here. Jacopo Camagni’s artwork takes leaps and bounds in this issue, portraying a wonderful (and admittedly sometimes horrifying) merger that is a remarkable sight to behold.

This issue is also one of the brightest issues to date, and I do mean that literally. Fabiola Enne’s colors take over the pages, seeping across each panel as the magic does its thing. The variety of hues make the contrast even starker – and memorable.

The lettering is the final touch needed in this issue, provided by Fabio Amelia. Much of it is subtle, but there are moments where even that is a key component in everything else that is happening.


Nomen Omen #12 has somehow found a way to raise the ante even further. A fact that I didn’t think was possible, given the conclusion of the previous issue. There are still so many questions left to be answered before these characters will be allowed their rest.

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