Nomen Omen #10 is a dark and intriguing issue, one with many surprises and twists. Combined with that very same brilliant artwork, this issue may very well top the lot (so far).

The Roles of Heroes and Villains in NOMEN OMEN #10

NOMEN OMEN #10, available Wednesday from Image Comics, brings the most recent arc of the series to a conclusion, and it does so on such a dramatic note. Don’t be deceived by the elegant cover, as dark things lurk within.

King Taranis lies in wait on this variant cover of Nomen Omen #10.

The most recent plot arc of Nomen Omen truly gave Becky a chance to come to terms with what happened to her, as well as finally taking control. She hasn’t gotten her heart back, or her revenge, but it’s starting to feel like only a matter of time.

Nomen Omen #10 marks the conclusion of the second arc, which means there are only five issues left in this series. The scale has been ever-increasing, with Becky’s power levels growing, and the threat becoming larger than life with every step.


This series seems to have gotten darker with every step, and shows no signs of slowing down. In a world where legends, magic, and humans interact, things rarely turn out well.

The past crops back up in Nomen Omen #10.

The Writing

Nomen Omen #10 is one of those issues that will make you stop and think. It’s also going to do a whole lot more than that, with shocking twists, turns, and revelations almost all over the place. Marco B. Bucci has really outdone himself this time.

In some ways, what is happening almost feels inevitable. It’s been ten issues of build-up, after all. But in so many other ways, it is still so shocking and raw. There are implications for what happened here, and for what had been planned. Not all of which can be digested in a quick read through.

What really makes this issue so striking has to be the number of ancient beings interacting, planning, and reacting within. Their presence makes the story more complicated, more convoluted. It’s their actions that will make readers put on their thinking caps.

All while Becky’s side of the story is still an emotional catalyst, giving fans all the reason in the world to actually care about the events unfolding on the pages. The conclusion, surprisingly, is a mixture of the two, setting up for an iconic storytelling twist.

It’s time to sleep (Nomen Omen #10).

The Art

Nomen Omen #10 features the bold and magnificent artwork that has become iconic to the series. The magic portrayed is reason enough to keep coming back for more, thanks to the unique ways in which it is showcased.

Jacopo Camagni is the lead artist, working alongside Fabio Amelia for the lettering. Together they have truly created something here. The characters feel larger than life, the magic is as brilliant as ever, and the emotions so raw.

The last several issues have worked hard to dance around some difficult scenes, and this one is no exception. Though the focus and reason are entirely different. Honestly though, this is one of those scenes that had to be portrayed, and there’s no doubt that the artwork was vital for this scene, for the description alone never would have been enough.

Nomen Omen #10 features one of the more striking covers of the collection, as well as several pages that seem even brighter than the rest. It’s an impressive feat, given the standard set by the previous nine issues.

Only one way to wake those in an enchanted sleep.


Nomen Omen #10 is a dark and enthralling conclusion to the second arc in the series. That leaves just five issues, all of which are sure to be more dangerous than ever, with a few twists hidden here are there.

This is an issue with heavy implications, as well as several thought-provoking moments. It feels like this is a moment that the series was designed around; almost like we’re been waiting for this inevitable moment.

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Nomen Omen #10 is a dark and intriguing issue, one with many surprises and twists. Combined with that very same brilliant artwork, this issue may very well top the lot (so far). The Roles of Heroes and Villains in NOMEN OMEN #10