Nomen Omen #8 is an interesting issue, showing dark and light elements all at once, while creatively dancing around heavier subjects. Throw in some brilliant artwork, and an intriguing cliffhanger, and this is a memorable issue.



Two Opposing Plots Form In NOMEN OMEN #8

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NOMEN OMEN #8, available Wednesday from Image Comics, dives back into a world of magic, lore, and the darker sides they carry with them. Becky’s journey has been far from easy, and she’s still got a long way to go.


spoilers ahead

There’s no doubt that the story behind Nomen Omen is dark and mysterious. Becky’s life has never been normal, and now it seems that everything she holds dear is on the line. The real question is, will she be able to master this new world before it’s too late?

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She went from living a life devoid of magic – and color – to diving headfirst into it all. Everything is so much darker than she, or the reader, could have imagined.

On that note, some of the events in Nomen Omen #8 could be disturbing to readers. While the series has never shied away from the more graphic elements of the supernatural, this issue takes it a step or two further. There’s a strong implication of sexual assault, and while it is never shown in detail, it is pretty unavoidable nonetheless.

Becky is back in control in Nomen Omen #8.

The Writing

In many ways, it almost feels like two stories are being told over the course of Nomen Omen #8. There’s Becky’s story, and the tale of her learning to master an art that once upon a time, felt completely foreign to her.

Then there’s the tale of those that oppose her, and the allies they’ve managed to capture. This is the darker side of this issue and contains all of the uncomfortable elements mentioned above, and then some.

Marco B. Bucci really knows how to capture the highs and lows in a single issue. The intrigue and triumph in Becky’s life can’t be avoided, nor can the darker actions of those she’s eventually going to have to oppose.

Both series of events raises dozens of questions. Questions that will be answered in due time, as the series crosses the halfway mark. There are only seven issues left to this deadly series, and that means the clock is ticking. Perhaps literally, for some.

A world where magic bleeds through.

The Art

The artwork inside Nomen Omen #8 is a complex creature, just like the writing. It portrays the best and the worst that magic (and the inhuman creatures that thrive in it) has to offer. While the magic itself may appear as bright light, it’s clear that the influence ends there.

Once again, there’s that harsh juxtaposition between black & white, and the infusion of color. It’s become the iconic look of the series, and it’s almost good to see it still playing a role this far in. Though there are times where it seems like the color, and thus the magic, bleeds onto the pages. The end result is something beautifully organic, as well as hypnotic.

This is an issue that portrays some heavy and upsetting scenes, as well as showing creatures that are (literally) larger than life. The end result is a bit of an emotional roller coaster for readers, and they’re flung from one reaction to the next.

All credit goes to Jacopo Camagni (pencils, colors) and Fabio Amelia (letters) for bringing this issue to life in such an iconic way.

One hand is not her own in Nomen Omen #8.


In many ways, Nomen Omen #8 is the darkest issue of the series. Likewise, it is the brightest of the series. The paradoxical nature has not gone unnoticed, and yet it seems perfectly at home in a series revolving around magic and beasts of legend.

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