Nomen Omen #7 is a brilliant, yet alarming read, from start to finish. It's full of bright colors, bold scenes of black and white, and careful character-driven scenes.

NOMEN OMEN #7: A Tale Of Magic And Starting Over

NOMEN OMEN #7, available this Wednesday from Image Comics, is a tale of love, magic, grief, and loss. Becky has had her life altered forever by all of those and more. Now, it’s time for her to find the path forward.


spoilers ahead

Nomen Omen has been a strange and disturbing series from the first moment. It is the tale of Becky and how magic has permanently changed her life. From the moment her two mothers had her thrust into their lives, Becky has never quite been normal.

Now she’s on a path that there is no turning back from. In the process of trying to gain back the heart that was stolen from her (literally), Becky has changed herself and her abilities to suit those she must fight against.

In Nomen Omen #7, we’re about to find out how Becky has been coping with all of those changes, and what she’s going to do about it.

Time to choose a path in Nomen Omen #7.

The Writing

This unusual and haunting tale continues in Nomen Omen #7. ‘Wicked Game’ Part Two brings yet more changes to the scene – and no shortage of concerning scenes. Written by Marco B. Bucci, this is an issue full of intrigue, coping, and alarm.

There are many questions raised in this issue. Many yet still require answers. Yet that feels perfectly natural in a plot as ethereal as this one. There is no such thing as an easy solution or an easy answer. It’s a lesson that Becky herself has had to learn the hard way.

The insight into what the other side has been up to is…concerning, to say the least. As are the implications for who and what they actually are. These scenes have gone a long way in upping the ante for what Becky is up against.

What’s more intriguing are the implications raised about the people in her life. Yes, some are just as human and ordinary as they appear. But others? Maybe not so much. Only time will tell what complications they’re going to bring to the mix.

The Art

The artwork within Nomen Omen #7 is both brilliant and beautiful, with alarming undertones strewn about. There are some truly stunning images to be found within this issue. As well as a few alarming scenes. There is one notable scene that may be alarming to some, so it’s worth noting that it’s a dream (one that is cut short).

Jacopo Camagni is the one behind the lines and colors, which is so impressive when you think about it. They single-handedly created a world that truly looks to be infused by magic (and all of the wicked things that come with it).

Once again, this issue has made heavy use of the black and white imagery, all of which is in high contrast to the exceptionally bright scenes the magic brings with it. To have both color and black and white panels in an issue may be disorienting, but it feels…right here.

Fabio Amelia was responsible for the lettering, and they went above and beyond here. While there was a lot left unsaid in this issue, they worked smoothly with everything that was actually verbalized, adding in a few details to catch the eyes.

A peek at what is to come in Nomen Omen #8.

In Conclusion

Nomen Omen #7 is arguably one of the most alarming reads of the series, which is saying something. Becky’s life has steadily transitioned from ‘slightly abnormal’ to fully ‘other,’ and the series reflects that.

This is an issue that raised a ton of questions and only answered a few. Now to see what path all of the hints will take.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Nomen Omen #7 is a brilliant, yet alarming read, from start to finish. It's full of bright colors, bold scenes of black and white, and careful character-driven scenes. NOMEN OMEN #7: A Tale Of Magic And Starting Over