Nomen Omen #6 is a thrilling issue, complete will stunning artwork, a carefully crafted plot, and intriguing characters

A Tale of Betrayal And Magic In NOMEN OMEN #6

NOMEN OMEN #6, available this Wednesday from Image Comics continues a tale twisted by magic and grief. Becky is about to fully embrace the magical world in which she has been thrown into, but at what cost?

Becky has come into her power in Nomen Omen #6.


Rebecca, aka Becky, is not exactly what you’d call a normal girl. From the first moment she was introduced, readers knew that she was different. Then she had her heart ripped out – and kept on living. Now she’s on a path to get her heart back, along with a healthy dose of revenge.

That brings us to Nomen Omen #6. Becky has officially started a journey that she can not walk away from. This is a world full of magic and creatures, none of whom are inclined to be kind, or to let any slight go.

There’s a catch though. These magical beings haven’t survived so long by letting humanity know about them. There’s always been a rule of secrecy, but why would somebody like Becky care for their rules? After all, they’re the ones who started this war.

A chilling alternative cover of Nomen Omen #6.

The Writing

Nomen Omen #6 is the start of ‘Wicked Game’, a new plot arc in the series. Written by Marco B. Bucci, this is an issue intend to get revenge first, and answers later. Becky is done being that cute little plaything that all these strange creatures assumed she was.

This is an issue showing us an all-new side of Becky. She’s strong and powerful and looks more like one of the beings we’ve seen previously than a human. Though looks can be deceiving, can’t they? The ante has been upped, and this time by Becky herself.

It’s intruding seeing the power play at work here. There are multiple parties involved, all of them with their own ultimate goals – as is always the case with magical creatures, it seems. The real question is; is Becky acting on her own, or has she unknowingly become a pawn?

There are several twists and revelations within this issue, none of which will be spoiled here. They’re much better suited for the context they’re designed for. They do make for a thrilling read – the sort that will stop and make you think.

What is the cover of Nomen Omen #7 hinting at?

The Art

The artwork behind Nomen Omen #6 is striking, to say the least. It’s dynamic and beautiful, with a strong sense of the otherworldly. Every scene in this issue is a poignant reminder of the lack of humanity being portrayed on the pages.

Jacopo Camagni was the lead artist for this issue, creating something truly fascinating. The scenes range from beautiful to disturbing, and then back again. It’s all very carefully planned out, with the intent to make the readers pause and feel a variety of emotions.

The decision to allow magic to be the colorful force on the pages is still a brilliant one, even six pages in. Now there’s more color than ever, and you can obviously guess what that means. Yet it’s still highly evocative.

The lettering was done by Fabio Amelia, and it is just as carefully thought out as the artwork itself. It’s a perfect fit for this series, both in format and style.



Nomen Omen #6 continued this intriguing tale, bringing us that much closer to the end. There are nine issues left with which to resolve this conflict. By that we of course mean, Becky has nine issues left to steal back her heart – in the most literal sense. Something tells us it’s going to be a thrilling ride the whole way there.

Cat Wyatt
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Nomen Omen #6 is a thrilling issue, complete will stunning artwork, a carefully crafted plot, and intriguing charactersA Tale of Betrayal And Magic In NOMEN OMEN #6