Nomen Omen #5 features some truly striking artwork, alongside compelling character development and revelations.

The Past and the Present Collide in NOMEN OMEN #5

NOMEN OMEN #5, out this Wednesday from Image Comics, continues the dark and twisted tale, raising the stakes while increasing intrigue for all. This is a world in which the lore of old is on a collision course with the modern world.

Enter a mysterious new immortal in Nomen Omen #5.


From the start, it was clear that Rebecca was not your typical girl. Even the readers of this series, who don’t yet know the full backstory, can tell that much. Her story and path have been rapidly unwinding in this series, as she comes across deities and legends that she never really believed in. Arguably, she still doesn’t believe. But there’s time yet.

Nomen Omen #5 picks up that story, while also providing a surprising perspective to the mix. This is an issue worth reading, for those fans more curious about the other side of Rebecca’s story. That is to say, the creatures working in opposition to her health, by all appearances.

Rebecca’s awakening is getting ever closer if this cover is anything to go by.

The Plot

Nomen Omen #5 is a chilling read, with lots of weighted implications about Rebecca, her past, and her future. What makes this issue all the more alarming is the glimpse into the immortals that have filled these pages.

Any illusion to their humanity must be shed while reading this issue. Marco B. Bucci wrote this revelation with so much poise, and yet there’s a brutal sense to their being and nature. It’s a fascinating balance and one that does justice to the series itself.

There was one fairly shocking element in this issue, as the creative team pulled a real-life tragedy onto the pages. That does tend to increase the impact of a story – that is a given. But will this help to ground the characters, or alienate them further, thanks to their reactions?

This issue is one that’s going to raise a lot of questions for the readers. We’re officially at the third way marking point, and that means it’s time to the ante to be raised once again – as appears to be the case, thanks to this dramatic issue conclusion. But what will happen next? What does this make Rebecca, and how much of her future has been altered because of these choices? (Not that she had a whole slew of choices, to begin with).

A photographic alternate cover for Nomen Omen #5 makes for a refreshing change.

The Art

All of Nomen Omen has featured stunning artwork, and Nomen Omen #5 is no exception. In fact, this issue may be the most colorful of the bunch, thanks to the perspective change – remember, Becca is color blind, with the exception of seeing magic. That brilliant decision is still here, but to a lesser extent, as Becca’s tale takes up on half of this issue.

Jacopo Camagni provided both the lines and the color, and they created something stark and wondrous here. It’s always interesting to see how an artist will represent an origin story for someone immortal. Camagni went for a blend of classic and new, which is actually quite appropriate for this series. His characters were beautiful and stunning – being immortal and all that, but they were also very clearly something other.

Fabio Amelia was the letterer for this issue, and their work is another element worth talking about. While sometimes the more stylized script is difficult to decipher, that seems to suit the mystery of this series, and thus likely done with intention.

A sneak peek at what is to come in Nomen Omen #6.

In Conclusion

Nomen Omen #5 was a striking issue, one that brings with it endless change. Becca may not have received all of the answers she’s seeking. But there’s little doubt that she’s well on her way to finding them – and making a few dramatic changes in the process.

Cat Wyatt
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The Past and the Present Collide in NOMEN OMEN #5Nomen Omen #5 features some truly striking artwork, alongside compelling character development and revelations.