Mercy #6 wraps up the series in a way that is perfect for fans and characters alike, making a memorable series of events, all while being supported by truly brilliant artwork.

How MERCY #6 Brings the Tale to An End

MIRKA ANDOLFO’S MERCY #6 is set to conclude the series this Wednesday. Available from Image Comics, this is not a series to skip. The combination of stunning artwork, chilling plots, and intricate world-building demands attention for this series.

The end is here in Mercy #6.

By this point, most fans know all about The Woodsburgh Devil, not to mention all of the reasons why they chose to haunt such a small town. Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy has made a point of diving into the darker side of this town, revealing the practices occurring within the mine.

Now that the entire world has been established, alongside all of the pain and vendettas, it’s time to see this series conclude. It’s a bit depressing to think about, but then again, Mercy never made a promise to be uplifting.

This series has been groundbreaking for a variety of reasons. The biggest point being how it forced a debate about morality to the surface. Who defines ‘good’ and ‘bad’? Is this a definition that can only apply to humans? It’s certainly a series that makes you think.

*Mercy #6 once again contains some graphic imagery, like much of the series itself. However, it might just tip the scale in this issue, thanks to those targeted. This is not an issue (or series) for sensitive or young readers.

An unlikely family has formed in Mercy #6.

The Writing

It’s almost hard to believe that it all ends with Mercy #6, but that is exactly what is happening here. It’s a tale that feels ageless, thanks to the creatures within, and yet there’s an oddly finite time frame for the series itself. An interesting juxtaposition, when one thinks about it.

Mirka Andolfo was clearly not afraid about pulling punches for this sixth and final issue in the series. The actions were harsh and brutal at times – but then again, the whole series has been that way, so this shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

Looking back on it, the actions and events in this issue do justice to the entire series. A promise was made at the beginning, and a promise was kept. At the end of the day, isn’t that all we can ever ask for?

One thing Mercy #6 does wonderfully is tug on the heartstrings of the readers. This once again raises points about morality, monsters, and humans, putting it all into question once again. It’s beautiful, it’s chilling, and it’s more than a little heartbreaking. Yet Mercy wouldn’t have been the same without this inclusion.

Lady Hellaine in repose (Mercy #6).

The Art

The artwork for Mercy #6 is beautiful, as always. Mirka Andolfo is the leading artist, as well as being the author of the entire series. Though special thanks go to Gianluca Papi and Chiara Di Francia (from Arancia Studio). Additionally, Fabio Amelia stepped up for the lettering.

It’s not surprising to say that this is one graphic yet compelling issue. All of the plot points came to a head in this final issue, and it brought with it more than a fair share of danger. The otherworldly creatures do appear more threatening – and less human – than ever in this issue.

That being said, there is a sense of delicacy in the way the monsters are portrayed. Not just the monsters themselves (though they do seem oddly elegant), but in the devastation they left behind. You can really see how some elements were carefully skirted around – yet the impact is still there.

What is truly impressive is the sheer amount of emotion infused into the series. It’s raw and shockingly human – an ironic twist, in some cases. Yet it’s the perfect final touch for this series, and it’s conclusion.


Mercy #6 was a dramatic and climatic issue, bringing the series to close with a daunting sense of finality. Yet it is also very much the conclusion this series deserved, wrapping up all the plots in a beautiful and compelling manner. One that will linger in the hearts and minds of readers.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Mercy #6 wraps up the series in a way that is perfect for fans and characters alike, making a memorable series of events, all while being supported by truly brilliant artwork. How MERCY #6 Brings the Tale to An End