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Review: MY HERO ACADEMIA: TWO HEROES Will Put A Smile On Your Face

The first My Hero Academia movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes will hit theaters on September 25th in America thanks to Funimation. How do...

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS: Episode 22

As Gundam Build Divers starts to move towards the final battle, the stakes keep getting higher. Does the the series score go up as...

Review: ATTACK ON TITAN: Season 3 Episode 43

As the conspiracy with the royals continues, Attack On Titan seems has not been filled with any actual titans. Hopefully this latest episode will...

Review: ATTACK ON TITAN: Season 3 Episode 42

The Scout Regiment of Attack On Titan seems to be at the end of their rope. Will they find a way to bounce back...

Review: ATTACK ON TITAN: Season 3 Episode 41

As the third season of Attack On Titan carries on, there continues to be an absence of actual titans. Instead, the focus seems to...

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 17

Well it finally happened. Sarah’s overwhelming cuteness stopped being entertaining to watch. Why did it take so long for this vapid support character who only talks in sweetness and encouraging speeches to become annoying?

Review: ATTACK ON TITAN: Season 3 Episode 39

It almost feels like the purpose of this episode was to make up for the lack of Captain Levi action from the second season. Done, nursing his injured leg, Levi finds himself having to face off against his former mentor, Kenny who has come with a group with the sole purpose of kidnapping Eren and Historia and killing anyone who gets in their way.

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 16

While the previous episode was dedicated to simply showing off the new abilities of the Gundam 00 Sky, this episode decides to keep things light and ups the comedy

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 14

Riku looks for a inspiration for a new Gundam. This is basically the entire plot of this episode. He weighs the options on whether or not to just simply rebuild or start with an entirely new model entirely while visiting people he has met since joining GBN.
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