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The Scout Regiment of Attack On Titan seems to be at the end of their rope. Will they find a way to bounce back or will this be the act which seals their fate?


The fate of the Scout Regiment and Commander Smith are revealed.



This has got to be one of the few episodes of Attack On Titan without a single battle scene. There is next to no violence whatsoever. The conspiracy theory plays out in a way which seems planned. Of course it’s a series so of course it was plotted out and planned by someone. Still seems like it goes from the “scouts are sentenced to death” to “the scouts are okay and their are on top” in a matter of seconds.

Attack On Titan

This is the most optimal way for a group to enact a political take over. With no death, no one is going to come back in later episodes screaming about revenge. Still, it seems like one of the nobles should have at least tried to fight back by pulling a pistol or something. Yeah, they were outnumbered but by the end of it they are backed so far against a wall they have no choice but to surrender. You would think at least one of them would snap and try something rash. This episode is the exact opposite of every change of political dynamic which has ever played out in Game of Thrones.

It’s also very amusing when the fake King finally does say something and reveals himself to be a complete puppet. Like Ben Kingsley from Iron Man 3 levels of total imposter. It’s obvious he wasn’t a King who gave a lot of public speeches.

Not the best episode of Attack On Titan but still offers a lot of good world building. Also it looks like the things are really going to get intense next episode.

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