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As the conspiracy with the royals continues, Attack On Titan seems has not been filled with any actual titans. Hopefully this latest episode will provide some titan action and help ease the complaints of the fans.


Eren learns of his Father’s sin and how they have affected him his entire life.


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This is another episode where it seems impossible to review it and not give away spoilers for what happened. The truth behind the tragedy of the Reiss family, their bizarre abilities, and how Eren’s father are all revealed. It’s intense bit of information to take in all at once. It leaves both Eren and Historia with the best reaction to the entire situation: Absolute shock. How else is someone supposed to react to the memories of murder and Patricide coming back all at once?

There is a brief moment where Commander Zackary is torturing a former nobleman. Yikes. The scouts must be glad he is on their side. If therapists still existed in this world, Zackary would definitely have to see one on a regular basis.

Attack On Titan

It was uplifting to see Historia’s half sister, Freida came often to see her when she was a child. Even if she had to wipe her memory after each visit it’s nice to know she had someone who cared for her. Considering the wreck of a parent her mother and father was, it’s heartwarming to see her life wasn’t always in a state of total torment and loneliness. Helps to show how she was able to become such a gentle soul later in life.

Overall just enough of a return of the Titans to remind people the type of world the characters are forced to life in. One where murder, lost power, and deep conspiracy runs rampant.

Attack On Titan is streaming on Crunchyroll and VRV.