Monkeys Fighting Robots

After taking a week off, Gundam Build Divers is back and offers an episode focused more on Yukki and Sarah. Will the series benefit from an episode devoted entirely to these two characters?


Jealous of Riku’s growing power, Yuki sets off on a mission to try and enhance his abilities.



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Well it finally happened. Sarah’s overwhelming cuteness stopped being entertaining to watch. Why did it take so long for this vapid support character who only talks in sweetness and encouraging speeches to become annoying? It’s probably due to the fact this is a reduced cast episode. This means Sarah is on display for more of the episode and not even employing every adorable antic she has at her disposal is able to keep her appealing for an entire episode. This isn’t the early 2000s where moe characters run rampant anymore. The world has learned its lesson for those chaotic years. For the most part at least.

The episode does offer more of a reveal on what Sarah can do. More evidence is brought forth to showcase she has power to mess with the system. Though this has been hinted at before, this episode takes the time to show just how destructive her power is on a grand scale. Her interference causes two enemies to fuse together into a monster of impressive power. If this power were to fall into the wrong hands it would lead to catastrophic danger. Or at least a climactic ending to this series.

Luckily it appears as if the next episode will have Sarah regulated to once again being a supporting character. She’s cute and all but cuteness will only get you so far in a Gundam series. For some characters, it has even resulted in their death. Just ask Elpeo Ple.

Gundam Build Divers is streaming on the GundamInfo YouTube Channel.