Monkeys Fighting Robots

The new episode of Gundam Build Divers decides to take a moment from the intense combat of the previous episode to do a bit of self reflection. Does it go on for too long though?


Riku must find out what to do about the 00 Diver after the previous battle.


Riku looks for a inspiration for a new Gundam. This is basically the entire plot of this episode. He weighs the options on whether or not to just simply rebuild or start with an entirely new model while visiting people he has met since joining GBN. In the end he decides to split the difference by upgrading the model with a lot of parts from another suit (which appears to be mostly the Gundam Destiny on closer inspection).

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It’s also worth pointing out, Ayame introduces herself to the team in the real world. This is annoying for a few reasons. First off, there is the fact the audience has to look past the “of course she lives nearby” aspect. It’s not like they have described the GBN as a worldwide network with people playing from all around the globe or anything. Second, there are no repercussions for her actions and she does not receive any punishment for what she did. She was a spy and intentionally put her friends at risk for her own selfish needs but the team has absolutely no problem with forgetting her because “friendship is magic” or something. Ugh.

This feels more like a episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try which was a lesser quality series than the original Gundam Build Fighters. Luckily there is likely a possibility of a new enemy coming out who plan to target Sarah. Which is good because something needs to be added into the formula to move forward.

This whole episode is one step away from being a recap episode just to introduce Riku’s new suit. There isn’t even any combat involved to show it off properly. Still it is too early to put the series in the same category as Gundam Build Fighters Try but this episode isn’t helping to define it as exceptional.

Gundam Build Divers is streaming on the GundamInfo Youtube Channel.