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The first My Hero Academia movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes will hit theaters on September 25th in America thanks to Funimation. How do the students of U.A. Class 1-A fair on their first outing on the big screen? Best to just dive in and find out.


Izuka Midoriya is invited by All Might to “I Island” a man made island set up for the science surrounding Quirks. It’s no light vacation though as Midoriya soon finds himself and his classmates tasked with stopping a terrorist attack.

My Hero Academia

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It’s probably easier to get the bad parts of this film pointed out as there is a lot to gush over. First off the Godzilla based hero, Godzillo has like five seconds of screen time. The studio used this as a way to tease the fans and get them hyped up for the film. Kind of a bummer he’s only shown once.

Second, the convenient way the rest of Midoriya’s class are able to make it to the island. It’s expressed Midoriya is there thanks only to a high class invite by All Might but then the entire class finds a way to make it to the island. Even then, not all of them contribute anything to the film overall. Some like Tokoyami and Shoji are shown in blink and miss it cameos. It’s understandable wanting to give time to each character so the audience can see their favorites but concessions will have to be made moving forward in future films to guarantee more time is given to the overall story.

On to the good. Just about everything else in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes delivers. Just as it seems you kind find criticism, the film makes it a point to resolve the complaints. “There isn’t enough action.” An instant later a fight scene erupts. “The villains seem paper thin” but their lack of backstory is actually part of the plot itself. “The film doesn’t generate the importance associated with a cinematic adventure” but wouldn’t you know it, there is an epic colossal final battle which is gorgeous to behold and presented in a way only a film budget would allow. This review will have no spoilers but know it showcases a battle which will have fans giddy with excitement as it unfolds. Though the film isn’t a life changing experience, it does offer some monumental moments which wraps up nicely by the end.

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The action scenes may steal the show but the character designs and outfits are also worth noting. All Might is his younger days and the Class of A-1 in new formal and casual wear will definitely be a delight to fans. The movie exclusive characters like Cow Lady and Godzillo are also very captivating despite their brief appearances. Also as its bears mentioning, the ending fight is a bomb to the senses and will have your heart pounding when the credits start to roll.


While it’s a good song and appropriate for the ending. “Long Hope Philia” by Masaki Suda has already been featured as one of the ending themes in season three of the show. While it does fit in the scenes of the ending perfectly, it would have been nice for a new exclusive track for the film. It’s the show’s first outing on the big screen, go big or go home.

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While My Hero Academia: Two Heroes isn’t a flawless masterpiece, it’s just the kind of film fans of the show want. An enjoyable experience watching some beloved characters have an outstanding adventure. When it’s all said and done, the audience will leave the theater with fists pumping in the air, smiles on their faces, and chanting triumphantly, “Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!”