Monkeys Fighting Robots

It’s Tuesday which means another episode of Gundam Build Divers is here to review. This time the team battles with an entire island at state.


The Build Divers must face off against Ayame’s old team in a battle to see who gets an island as their new base.


While the previous episode was dedicated to simply showing off the new abilities of the Gundam 00 Sky, this episode decides to keep things light and ups the comedy. It features Ayame meeting with her old team which had potential for a dramatic and angst ridden experience. All the episode needed to was have her former teammates guilt trip her about deciding to stay with the Build Divers. If the creators had gone this route the melodrama would have been too intense. Instead it goes in a totally different direction and makes the episode mostly an amusing battle as the two teams play capture the flag. It’s a refreshing actually as legitimate laughs come out of the episode. The punchline at the end at the climax of the battle cements just how light and comedic the episode was supposed to be.

Is is a good thing the comedy lands properly because the episode doesn’t really advance the plot much. The mysterious individuals who are after Sarah haven’t made an appearance yet so the next major plot point has yet to start to unfold. Hopefully it will get going soon as this series is already more than half way done. While it has been an above average ride for the most part, a successful ending would cement the series as actually being essential watching for the Gundam fans. It will also help to solidify anticipation in fans for more content in the Gundam Build universe.

Gundam Build Divers is streaming on the Gundam Info Youtube Channel and Crunchyroll.