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As the third season of Attack On Titan carries on, there continues to be an absence of actual titans. Instead, the focus seems to be on a human based conspiracy. Does it cause a decrease in enjoyment? Not in the slightest.


The search for Eren and Historia forces the Scout Regiment to get creative with their counterattack.


The main theme of this episode seems to be the manipulation of the truth and how it affects the world within the walls. The normal citizens help to frame the sense of control the government has on the populus. Everyone is willing to believe the newspapers and gossip without much of a thought otherwise. The news of the Scouts being behind the murder is believed for the most part, except by those in the service who actually understand their motivation. This power the higher ups have over the citizens really helps to frame them as evil and devious.

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Speaking of these characters in the service, Hitch and Mario, the show reminds us Hitch was Annie’s roommate. Apparently, despite the manipulation of information and covering all their bases, the higher ups didn’t think to provide any kind of backstory to where Annie went or even officially state she had been killed. The assumption many have is she was killed in battle but from the conversation the characters are having it almost feels like they still assume she is out there and is going to be back any minute. This seems like the type of loose end you would want to nail down to make sure it doesn’t come back to haunt you later.

Though the lack of Titan killing is apparent, the conspiracy drama is very interesting and intense. This season of Attack On Titan has a different feel than previous season but it is still a cut above other shows out there.

Attack On Titan is streaming on Crunchyroll and VRV.