A little too much dialogue but offers a lot of good emotional moments.

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS: Episode 22

As Gundam Build Divers starts to move towards the final battle, the stakes keep getting higher. Does the the series score go up as well with this episode?


With time running out, the Build Divers must find a way to save Sarah or risk losing her forever.



With Sarah’s life on the chopping block, the team has to pull out all the stops to make sure she doesn’t get deleted when the next patch comes out for the system. A point which is made multiple times over the episode. It is important to remind everyone of the stakes and consequences but the episode took too much time to establish the idea the Build Divers are outnumbered and going to have engaged in a near impossible battle in the upcoming episodes. Really feels like this point could have been done with less dialogue and more giant robot combat.

Gundam Build Divers

A thought came to mind while watching this episode. Koichi is working with Tsukasa, the person wanted to destroy GBN to save Sarah. Though Tsukasa seems to have redeemed himself a little bit there is a good chance there will be a betrayal. The episode explains if the operation to save Sarah doesn’t go properly it will result in feedback and it could destroy the entire network. This is basically what Tsukasa wanted to begin with. The plot of the first half of the series was him trying to take down the network. At least it seems like he should at least TRY to double cross everyone.

Only three episodes left in the series but things are still looking very promising. Though the series will not be as good as Gundam Build Fighters, if the finale plays out just right, it will be enough to be a better experience than Gundam Build Divers Try.

Gundam Build Divers is Streaming on The GundamInfo YouTube Channel.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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A little too much dialogue but offers a lot of good emotional moments. Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS: Episode 22