Review : Ted 2 hits all the right notes

I think that in the interest of full disclosure I should start this review of by stating that never in a million years would I actually go out and pay money to go see Ted 2 in theaters. Is the reason behind this because I have some sort hatred towards brown bears that can talk?No, not really it’s that this would n’t be a movie I would want to watch in my personal life. However, the job of a movie critic is to present the facts as see it about a particular film (regardless of personal bias) and allow the people to make an informed decision at the theater. With that in mind I am here to tell you that Ted 2 hit all the right notes  and falls in line with what I would classify as adult summer fun at the box office.

Six months has passed since Ted 1 and life has changed for buddies John(Mark Wahlberg)and best pal Ted (Seth MacFarlane) who now is married to Tammy-Lynn(Jessica Barth). Problems arise when the couple decide to adopt a child, but the law declares Ted to be property. Angry and hurt the foul-mouthed teddy bear must now seek legal help from a young lawyer (Amanda Seyfried) and a legendary, civil-rights attorney(Morgan Freeman).

You know what you are getting yourself into when you go to a Seth Macfarlane lead comedy and that is dirty raunchy humor. I am comfortable in stating that if you thought Ted 1 pushed the envelope, Ted 2 takes that envelope and pushes it out of the atmosphere. I think one of the hardest things that you can do when writing a comedy is elicit laughter when you are faced with an audience who is very aware of how you would deliver that joke but Ted 2 pulls that off in a big way. I literally knew exactly where most if not all the jokes were heading during the movie and I still laughed (sometimes hysterically) from beginning to end. That may be part of the genius of Seth Macfarlane is that he can pull of that type of humor and do it with tinge of wit as well.

If you go to Ted 2 expecting a witty smart comedy you will more than likely want to punch a hole in the wall. If you go to Ted 2 expecting superior acting then you will likely want to drown your sorrows in a large tub of popcorn. If you are going to Ted 2 cause you want to have a good time at the movies then this is the movie for you. This movie is the epitome of mindless summer movie fun and I so enjoyed being mindless this evening. Ted 2 hits all the right notes for me.

Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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