Review: Minions is a fun filled family experience

I have a confession to make. Since I have a venue platform thousands of people check out, what better platform than this to let the cat out of the bag. Okay… here it goes … I am not a fan of children’s movies. Maybe it’s because I am constantly bombarded with them at home when I am with my almost 3-year-old son.Since I realized I am not predisposed to liking them, when I am faced with the task of reviewing a family film, I pay super close attention to the reactions of the kids and families in the audience. As critics, we have to put ourselves in the mindset of the target audience in order to present an accurate review of the quality of the film. After doing all this, it’s my conclusion that Minions is the epitome of Family Fun.

This movie begins at the dawn of time. As we all know, Minions live to serve,However they have the worst time trying to find  a successful master. When all hope is lost one minion-Kevin, has a plan. Joined by his friends Stuart and Bob, he sets forth to find a new boss for all of them to follow. They eventually find themselves in the services of Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock).

I didn’t  know much about the Minions and I still found myself laughing and enjoying myself throughout the movie. As I looked around the theater, I could see that the movie was also hitting a home run with the kids who were in the screening as well. I’m sure some critics might want to tell you that the Minions are just too silly for their taste.But this movie wasnt made for critics. This movie was silly enough to have kids and adults in the screening laughing their butts off. The last time I checked that’s a real good thing.

I have  heard of some critics saying that the minions are just not strong enough to carry the whole movie. Well, then let me ask those critics, who exactly should have carried the movie? Scarlet Overkill?   This movie is what it should have been and the proof is in the hundreds of happy faces I saw leaving the theater after the screening.

Am I going to tell you that Minions is the greatest thing going at the theater today? No, I wouldn’t even say that this movie would even be in a top 15 list for me.But we have to remember that this movie isn’t about me. This movie is about families like the Gonzalez’s, the Schaffer’s, and the Dasilva’s who I all saw leaving the theater smiling and talking with each other about their favorite parts in the film. Minions delivers and you will leave the theater very satisfied. I fully expect this movie to be the #1 movie in America this weekend.  I know that I at the very least will be contributing to this as I will be taking my wife and son to go see Minions this weekend. I don’t want them to miss out on the family fun.

Minions in theaters this weekend
Minions in theaters this weekend
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
I'm a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and have been doing reviews for many years. My views on film are often heard in markets such as Atlanta, Houston, and satellite radio. My wife often tolerates my obsession for all things film related and two sons are at an age now where 'Trolls' is way cooler than dad. Follow me on twitter @mrsingleton.

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