Monkeys Fighting Robots Appears On 44 On The Town To Discuss ‘Logan’

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With Logan poised to be the #1 movie in America, I was lucky enough to be invited to join fellow film critic T.M. Powell to discuss all things, ‘Logan.’ The discussion ranged from how great the film was, to whether the movie could be a “date night” movie, to honoring Hugh Jackman’s body of work as Wolverine. Click on the link below to see the segment.

44 on the Town | Logan Review

What are your thoughts? Have you seen the film? Did you agree with our assessment? While I understand that referring to ‘Logan’ as a “date night” movie is a little strange, the story line is just so rich and developed that I think it would appeal to anyone (even your significant other). I did appreciate that we spent some time reflecting on how great Hugh Jackman was in that role and just how hard he will be to replace.The last thing that stood out from this experience was just how cool all the props were that he had on set (those claws T.M. had are calling to me). Special thanks again to T.M. for having me on the show. Be sure to check out his show every Sunday at 11 am on CW 44 (that’s in the Tampa market). If you live outside of Tampa, then click on the word link.


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  1. When I travel for business, I try and only see movies that my wife wouldn’t want to see. So last week, I went and saw Logan expecting to indulge my man-child with Wolverine slicing some people up. Within the first 30 minutes, I wished I was watching it with my wife.

    At it’s core, this is a movie about family. More specifically, the family we choose and the depth of our commitment to the ones we love. The movie is built on one of the great films of all time, Shane, and refers to it multiple times. Shane asks lots of questions about heroism and what it does to people the hero loves. Shane dovetails so well with superhero movies that I wonder why no one has made the connection until now.

    I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say Logan is a date movie, but it’s worth seeing with people you love. I

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