Review: Dope is a movie that can’t be missed

It’s been quite an exciting summer of movies so far. Now that we have reached a short break in the action due to the holiday, let me get you caught up on a movie that you can’t miss. Dope is a movie that is getting nothing near the publicity that it deserves. It caught me by surprise and it will go down as one of the better movies of 2015.

This movie starts with high-school senior Malcolm (Shameik Moore) and his pals Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) bonding over 90’s hip-hop culture. A chance encounter with a drug dealer named Dom lands the group at a birthday party. Half-way through the party gun fire erupts, they flee – with the Ecstasy that was hidden in Malcolm’s backpack. A wild adventure takes place as the group of friends have to evade armed drug dealers.

Dope deals directly with the idea that perception is always reality. Malcolm is perceived by everyone in his school as being the ultimate geek and nothing more. It becomes very obvious in the film that the drug dealer who stashed his ecstasy in the backpack felt the same way. Malcolm not only comes of age in this movie he shows that perceptions can be shattered and we can evolve. He handles his current situation and even uses it later in the film to help him in a major life altering way.

Dope is a well written movie with even better acting. It’s quick, witty, and not one person overshadows another throughout the movie which is always ideal. Dope presents itself as appealing to young adults but I feel all adults would enjoy the message of being just who you are no matter what the circumstances. I was caught off guard by how much heart this movie actually had.

I understand that this movie will be overshadowed this weekend with promises of movies that have a shirtless Channing Tatum and Arnold’s return as Terminator. All of these movies will offer you something good but Dope offers you even more. Dope offers you the chance to see a truly great ensemble cast pull off one of the best performances so far of 2015. Dope is simply a movie that can’t be missed.

Malcolm (Shameik Moore) in the movie Dope
Malcolm (Shameik Moore) in the movie Dope
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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