Will Wonder Woman be the Birth of a New Film Revolution

Could this be only the beginning for female super hero movies?

This past weekend the much anticipated yet oddly not hyped DCEU film Wonder Woman opened. With it has come more praise than the DCEU has received in this Zack Snyder era of cinematic vision. While story points can be argued, the overarching feedback is positive. Where this film really wins is in an unfamiliar feminine aesthetic that feels like something that should’ve always existed in media narratives. In other words this movie understands that being a woman does not mean the journey is devoid of her committing justified violence and facing peril unflinchingly.

Ladies Issues

Male driven media usually has a difficult time defining women’s issues. The main aspect of that is in the idea that somehow women’s issues are so much more frivolous than men’s issues. Which could be why some of the film’s story elements felt as foreign as the shores of Themyscira. These women are self-possessed with purpose and drive that does not obsess over ideas of procreation. Instead the Amazons pursue flawless military form and execution. They govern by community and are led by a queen. The lack of overt tropey softness doesn’t take away from their femininity. Neither did the obvious musculature and warrior designations of the island of women.  It merely confirmed what so many of us have desperately wanted to see portrayed on the big screen.

Common Trope Yet Refreshing



Diana is pure, bold, stubborn and relentless.  This is a common discussion when penning strong male characters.  Wonder Woman has undergone many character revamps over the years from her World War II beginnings. Her role of being able to make the tough decisions in the Trinity of Superman’s too forgiving ways and Batman’s machinations has only been recently established in the comic canon. This origin story for Diana Prince carries just enough of the original ideologies mixed with some of the more modern aspects of her comic journey to give her silver screen debut familiarity and new pop. She gets to convincingly become the hero this world needs her to be in more ways than one.

Wonder Woman and Visual Diversity


One of the more appealing aspects of Wonder Woman is some of the representation that the film prescribes to.  While it’s not perfect it’s better than what a lot of super hero movies have openly participated in.  From the variation of tones of women warriors in Themyscira to the diversity of her pack of game changers on the front lines of World War I.  For such unbelievable scenarios the sight of people that are not normally filmed in such movies in prominent roles gave this film a gritty reality that helped to frame Diana. For the viewer the leaving of Themyscira is impactful from the difference in locale, dress and social norms. But mostly, what is obvious is the lack of diversity in the world she enters and how that lack of acceptance has impacted her diverse new allies.

Feminism as a Practice

Despite what many believe about the core tenets of feminism this film had not a single rude male bashing moment.  Well not counting the places where Diana actually bashes men. As bad as it gets is just a statement that a woman could achieve happiness and pleasure without a man.  If anything the character of Diana showed nearly blind devotion to the idea of the goodness inherent in humanity.  Specifically she believes in men.  She holds them to a high standard out of understanding what they can achieve. Her complaints are not nearly as naive as they are clutched to desperately to preserve her lack of hatred for men.

The Money Says

The record breaking opening of this movie is yelling at movie studios to produce more content like this. Very rarely does a movie of this nature get good critical review, feature a female superhero and is able to pass a Bechdel test. Wonder Woman is that film. It’s like a unicorn, riding the back of a dragon, as they chase a phoenix. For years the impetuous to not make films like this was lack of audience.  At this point it’s a broken record because a few recent films have busted that theory.  What else you got?  The ball is in your court.

What standalone female super hero movies do you want to see?

Christina Freeman
Christina Freeman
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