‘Wonder Woman’ Is On Track For A $200 Million Worldwide Opening

To Think That ‘Wonder Woman’ Was Once Projected At $65 Million!

It’s undeniable now that ‘Wonder Woman‘ is a hit. About a month before the release, the domestic box office projections had ‘Wonder Woman‘ bringing in $65 million. When the early critic reactions started to pour in, the interest began to rise and so did the projections. About a week before the release, the numbers topped $90 million. Now as the opening weekend comes to a close, the world can’t get enough of the DC superhero. At the time of writing, ‘Wonder Woman‘ already has a worldwide box office opening of $223 million. $100 million domestic with $112 million foreign, according to Box Office Mojo.

With one day left in the weekend, ‘Wonder Woman‘ passes the $200 million worldwide mark. While ‘Batman v Superman‘ brought in $420 million worldwide, this number is still impressive for the DC Extended Universe. Without the cinematic staples of Batman or Superman, many pegged this film as an underdog. The Amazon warrior and her director Patty Jenkins proved people wrong on many levels.

Not only is this a record-breaking weekend for female superheroes but also for a female director. Patty Jenkins’ ‘Wonder Woman‘ broke the record for biggest domestic opening for a female, a record previous held by Sam Taylor-Johnson. This is easily the biggest opening for a female superhero movie, as the likes of ‘Catwoman‘, ‘Elektra‘, ‘Tank Girl‘, and even ‘Ghost in the Shell‘ can’t hold a candle to this. It isn’t just beating out other females out the box office; ‘Wonder Woman’ is giving the boys a run for their money. The domestic opening is already well beyond the numbers of the first ‘Iron Man‘ ($98.6M). It’s also only $16 million short of surpassing the DCEU launching pad ‘Man of Steel‘($116M).

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