Top Five Parts of ‘Ghostbusters’ 2016 [Spoiler Free]

Sorry internet trolls, but Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters is an enjoyable summer movie. It’s not perfect – few comedies are – but it’s a fun and entertaining standalone flick. That alone is a refreshing change of pace considering most of the schlock audiences have been subjected to recently.

But what exactly is allowing the picture to exceed expectations? Let’s take a spoiler free look at the top five ingredients.

Kate McKinnon

Ghostbusters Kate McKinnon Holtzmann


There are a lot of good performances in Ghostbusters, but Kate McKinnon’s got actual applause. It didn’t come during the credits either; people started clapping in the middle of the movie.

McKinnon slays as Holtzmann, the zany engineer that builds the team’s gear. Granted she’s not always given the best jokes, but she still brings the laughs with unique deliveries. And she’s physically funny to top it off. The way she moves her face and body give her a dominant screen presence even when she has nothing to say.

SNL fans have known that McKinnon is brilliant for years already, and she’s about to get the national attention she deserves.



When Ghostbusters was first announced, people made a huge deal about it being an all female team. Feig and his cowriter Katie Dippold absolutely own that concept, and they handle it in the perfect way.

They’ve made a film that’s empowering to women without actually drawing attention to gender. The Ghosbusters are just a team of smart, badass scientists who happen to be women. They don’t have to explain themselves to anyone, and they don’t have to prove themselves because they have vaginas. Plus they shamelessly make several “girl” jokes that any “male” comedy wouldn’t be afraid to make, and I personally respect the hell out of that.

Ghostbusters (1984) Easter Eggs


This film is busting at the seams with cameos, jokes, and visual references to the original Ghosbusters. They don’t all fit perfectly, and some actually feel forced in, but overall they still make for a fun viewing experience. You probably won’t catch them all your first time watching either, but keep a keen eye.

It’s hard to talk about these easter eggs without spoiling anything. Just trust that you’ll receive your fair share of fan service if you loved the original film.



Haters can rest easy knowing that the Ghostbusters filmmakers heard their vitriol. They  heard loud and clear; they just don’t care.

There are a handful of moments in the movie where Feig and Dippold take direct aim at online commenters. The jokes are quick, subtle, and well deserved. This project got a lot of unwarranted hate from day one, so it’s laudable to see the artists fight back in a classy way.

I dare say that they ain’t afraid of no trolls.

Chris Hemsworth

Ghostbusters Chris Hemsworth Kevin

Chris Hemsworth plays the Ghostbuster’s receptionist Kevin, and he is painfully dumb. He’s the kind of stupid character that has the potential to ruin an otherwise good movie if used incorrectly. But Feig and Dippold play it smart and utilize Hemsworth just enough to make him funny without being tiresome. It’s a fine line, but they walk it as if they were Philippe Petit.

Some moviegoers will surely take issue with Kevin, and that’s their prerogative. He still provides solid comic relief while the more traditional comedians are playing straight.

Ghostbusters hits theaters everywhere this Friday, July 15. Go see it!

Anthony Composto - EIC
Anthony Composto - EIC
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