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Brittany Peer

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A Whole New Flerkin Problem MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #3

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #3 was a charming and fun conclusion to a series that is as quirky as it is memorable.

G.I. JOE #2 Puts The Fight and Joe in Family

This Wednesday, IDW'S G.I. JOE #2 shifts the focus from recruitment to basic training as Tiger learns what it is to be a Joe,...

How to Weaponize Cuteness in MARVEL ACTION CAPTAIN MARVEL #2

Marvel Action Captain Marvel #2 is a fun and flerkin filled issue – making it perfect for Captain Marvel, cat, and flerkin lovers of all ages.

G.I. JOE #1 Is a Joe-Tastic Start For New Readers

This Wednesday the action-packed first issue of IDW's newly rebooted G.I. Joe releases, where everyone can be a Joe, even you! The G.I. Joe comic...

How Carol Deals with a Swarm in MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 puts Carol into a fun and slightly bizarre situation, one that is perfect for any fans looking for a bit of an escape.

Review: THE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR #1 Gives Fans What They Want

After a few issues from Image Comics came to an end it appeared as if the idea of more adventures from the characters would not come to pass. Now, thanks to Boom Studios, if there is a second chance for more adventures in graphic novel form.