Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #6 is a bright issue full of funny and iconic moments. As well as more than one girl power scene.


MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #6, available this Wednesday from IDW continues this bite-size adventure following Captain Marvel and the Unstoppable Wasp.

Carol Danvers is taking a different sort of flight in Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #6.


The last few issues of Marvel Action: Captain Marvel have focused on the dynamic duo that is Captain Marvel and the Unstoppable Wasp (aka Nadia). Well, they’re actually a relatively new dynamic duo. But they’re clearly still having a ton of fun while saving the day.


It’s also been a bit of a learning experience. After all, Carol Danvers isn’t used to getting shrunk. Or being told that her powers are too unsafe to use. On the bright side, it’s interesting to know that she is potentially too powerful when in her tiny form, thanks to the physics of the Pym Particles (not that Carol saw it that way).

These two heroines are going to have to put their heads together in order to stop the latest villainous plan from A.I.M. Granted, it’s a bit hard to take any plan titled ‘Operation Roadkill.’ Even if said plan involves the squashing (literally) of the toughest Avengers out there.

Captain Marvel and The Unstoppable Wasp have shrunk down in Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #6

The Writing

Sam Maggs really does know how to write a fun and charming plot. Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #6 is a fun adventure, giving both Captain Marvel and the Unstoppable Wasp a chance to shine, and show off the differences in their abilities.

It’s also so painfully refreshing to see a series avoid taking itself too seriously. Even the characters involved make fun of ‘Operation Roadkill’ and all of the implications (despite the threat it carries). It really is just a bit of fun.

Conveniently placed items make it even easier for our girls to save the day. One could argue that it’s too perfect…but since it results with Tony getting a hot pink car it kind of evens out. At least, on the humor scale.

This issue wraps up this latest adventure, though it does hint at more Marvel Action: Captain Marvel adventures in the future. So far, each arc has consisted of three action (and fun) filled issues, a trend that is not likely to be broken.

The Art

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #6 had a great team of artists backing up such a fun and quirky plot. Sweeney Boo (pencils, inks), Brittany Peer (colors), and Christa Miesner (design and letters) were the three dominant artists on this team, and they had a little bit of fun with this issue.

Then again, how often is one allowed to design the most absurd replacement car ever for Tony Stark? Hard to avoid having a bit of fun with that whole mess. Then there are other fun elements, such as a teeny tiny Carol Danvers, complete with a pout – and a costume redesign.

The colors are as bright and bubbly as the characters within. Considering we’re talking about Nadia, that’s actually saying something. Obviously, Nadia’s inclusion also meant that there was plenty of room to play with scale. That’s something the artists did with gusto.


Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #6 was a fun diversion from the real world. You can tell that this is a series designed for all audiences – including younger generations. As such, it’s pretty casual, yet full of iconic and funny moments.

This issue wraps up the latest plot arc. Though it does give the impression that there will be more adventures to come. Until then!

Cat Wyatt
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Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #6 is a bright issue full of funny and iconic moments. As well as more than one girl power scene. Heroes Big And Small In MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #6