Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #3 was a fun and adorable issue, full of Flerkins and heroes.

A Whole New Flerkin Problem MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #3

MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 is the cheerful and amusing conclusion to the Flerkin plot arc that we’ve all been hoping for. Coming out this Wednesday from IDW, this issue is everything that Captain Marvel (and Flerkin) would have wanted.

The Guardians meets Flerkins…that actually sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


Marvel Action: Captain Marvel has been a delightful and quirky series. It’s one of those rare series that is perfect for fans of all ages. And it shows our heroine in the best light. And okay, it also includes lots of Flerkins, and thus is automatically guaranteed to be awesome.


Naturally, that meant that we had high expectations for the final issue in this rather short series. But did it hold up to those expectations? Yes, yes it did. This issue was perhaps the quirkiest of the series, sneaking in little moments that will make you smile (or full-on laugh out loud).

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #3 brings the Guardians of the Galaxy into the mix. And you just know how Rocket feels about Flerkins (spoiler alert: he hates them). So not the best mix out there, but thankfully this version of the Guardians of the Galaxy is adorably supportive of Captain Marvel and all of her horrible cat puns. So they’re more than willing to help save the day.

And yes, we do consider freeing a bunch of Flerkins from a Kree mind control device as saving the day. If you don’t agree, well, you’ve probably run across a cranky Flerkin or two in your life. And we feel bad for you.

A better look at our furry friends and their saviors.

Sam Maggs had a slightly whimsical take on the whole Marvelverse in this series, but it fits in well with the subject at hand. Seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy in a toned-down form was oddly adorable and endearing. But don’t tell them we said that.

The girl power/bestie power in this issue was an absolute highlight, and a joy to read. Jess and Carol are friendship goals, plain and simple. They’re a perfect example for young readers to see. And a healthy dose of nostalgia for the older readers in the audience.

But those puns! Carol has clearly been saving up on her cat puns because she unleashed in this issue. And just when you think you couldn’t roll your eyes hard enough, Jess joins in on the mix. And she’s got mad mother puns to throw around.

The conclusion to this issue, and thus the series, will make readers laugh out loud. The character interactions, in particular, are a pure delight. As it Drax’s request. And we’ve got to know – is anybody else hoping that this becomes canon? Because, yes please!

The artwork in Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #3 perfectly matched the writing. It was light and bubbly. But let us not ignore some of the things the artists were able to sneak into this issue. Such as Chewie in a spacesuit, it’s not something we knew we needed in our lives until now.

Sweeney Boo was the lead artist, and they are directly responsible for some of the best moments. There’s the aforementioned Chewie scene, of course. But there’s more than that as well. It isn’t every day that an artist gets to render dozens of Flerkins in a single scene, so Boo clearly made the most of it.

The colorist, Brittany Peer, helped to increase the amusement of the issue. Her colors were bright and fun. Peer was not afraid of going with vibrant colors for the backgrounds in some scenes, but in a way, it worked.

Finally, Christa Miesner provided the lettering did a solid job of it. What do you think the odds are that Miesner was able to add in those puns while wearing a straight face?

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #3 was the conclusion the readers deserved. It was quirky and delightful – perhaps more so than the previous two issues, which is saying something. It was a lighter take on the superhero life, and that allowed for some comical and lighthearted moments. And it was exactly what we needed.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #3 was a fun and adorable issue, full of Flerkins and heroes. A Whole New Flerkin Problem MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #3