Marvel Action Captain Marvel #2 is a fun and entertaining issue, full of amusing moments that make more sense than we'd like to admit.

How to Weaponize Cuteness in MARVEL ACTION CAPTAIN MARVEL #2

MARVEL ACTION CAPTAIN MARVEL #2 comes out this Wednesday from IDW, and it is delightfully full of flerkins and sass. Fans of Chewie (aka Goose) will love this miniseries.

Carol isn’t looking too thrilled about her predicament.


Marvel Action Captain Marvel #2 continues the insanity started in the last issue. And that’s probably why this miniseries is perfect for cat and flerkin lovers alike. And don’t worry, we promise that no cats or flerkins were harmed in this issue.


This series is a lighter counterpart to what has been happening in Carol’s main series (Captain Marvel), which makes us think that there was some intentional timing going on here. But that works perfectly for those fans needing a laugh or two.

Captain Marvel is looking ready to fight in Marvel Action Captain Marvel #2.

Flerkins have been a running joke in Captain Marvel’s series for quite some time. But when you think about it, it really was only a matter of time before somebody tried to weaponize those cute little (and dangerous) faces. And anybody that has read her series could probably make an accurate guess on who is behind that whole mess.

Sam Maggs is the author behind this series, and they’ve done an excellent job of balancing the humor within this plot. It has a lighter tone, but never quite crosses the line into ridiculous, which is a fine line in this case.

The main plot is a sound one – no fan can deny the core concept behind using the flerkins like this. Nor can they deny which race would be the most inclined to give it a go. They’re sort of famous for that sort of thing, after all. This adds a sense of comic realism to a plot that could otherwise be considered something too surreal.

The Guardians of the Galaxy have dealt with flerkins before.

There’s a good chance that the artists working for Marvel Action Captain Marvel #2 enjoyed their jobs a little too much this time around. But that’s just a guess – the flerkin costumes sure are as humorous as they are delightful.

Sweeney Boo was the lead artist for this issue, with Brittany Peer doing the colors. Together they made something bright and entertaining. The highlight is obviously the number of flerkins shown, but there are other noteworthy moments in this issue as well.

The lettering was done by Christa Miesner, and she knocked it out of the park. The title page for this issue is perfectly designed to fit the comic – and one of the better ones showcased recently.

Marvel Action Captain Marvel #2 was a fun issue; a solid second in what is a three-issue series. It moved the plot forward but also wasn’t afraid to have some fun along the way. Now we’ll just have to wait and see how Carol and her allies deal with the mess they’ve been handed.

Cat Wyatt
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Marvel Action Captain Marvel #2 is a fun and entertaining issue, full of amusing moments that make more sense than we'd like to admit.How to Weaponize Cuteness in MARVEL ACTION CAPTAIN MARVEL #2