Marvel Action: Captain Marvel A.I.M. Small is the second trade in Marvel and IDW’s collaboration following Carol Danvers. Although on closer inspection, Sam Maggs makes this story illustrated by Sweeney Boo, colored by Brittany Peer, and lettered by Christa Miesner into a co-Unstoppable Wasp story.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel A.I.M Small: Featuring The Unstoppable Wasp

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel, according to the reviews, ranks just behind the Spider-Man series in terms of acclaim. It’s pretty easy to see why. Captain Marvel puts in the time to enjoy the small things in life with her friends. Her driving lessons with Nadia Pym are just as exciting and nerve-racking as super-heroism. But of course, Maggs decides to use this time to explore Captain Marvel’s character through dynamics. Captain Marvel’s character usually involves trying to be the best possible version of herself. But she can be very stubborn and possess tunnel vision. Carol knows she’s powerful and leading thinking that as long as things go her way, nothing can go wrong. So Maggs’ forces the Captain to follow the Unstoppable Wasp’s lead.

After some MacGuffin forces Carol’s powers down less, they cause destruction, she and Nadia have to work together. This might be a little disappointing if people are coming in to expect Captain Marvel in action. Especially if half of the time, Nadia has more of the limelight. But this is a story about trusting someone you respect and letting go of preconceptions. All while trying not to force a situation to be too serious as Carol becomes a little more patient. Because despite Carol’s predicament, she’s far from helpless in the plot.



Marvel Action: Captain Marvel A.I.M. Small retains the cartoony yet semi-realistic art of Sweeney Boo. It perfectly encapsulates the relatable conservations of Driver’s Ed and shrinks rays in the same world. The colors by Brittany Peer provide just enough contrast to highlight the settings while the best use is in the Wasp suit wings. The high-speed illusionary effects have a perfect sheen to them. Christa Miesner tops everything off with some word balloons and captions that, for the most part, are linear. Even if they do occasionally scatter about and confuse some of the reader’s direction of choice. Like do you begin with a caption with a timer first, then the word balloon, or the caption next to it?

Have A Little Fun With Marvel Action: Captain Marvel A.I.M. Small

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel A.I.M. Small may be more along the lines of a Marvel Team-Up than a Captain Marvel story, but it brings a nice dynamic. Along with the down-to-earth two-way mentoring is a romp that requires no overarching story that takes too long. Just a silly piece that goes on for as long as it has to.


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