Catch Up With Kong: The UnPOP Podcast Review

Enter the UnPOP Podcast review of Legendary’s latest giant monster extravaganza: KONG SKULL ISLAND! Come for the guys’ opinions on the (spoilers: incredibly fun) film, the impact it has on the kaiju shared universe and stay for Curtis and Austin’s rescue mission to save Brock from his doomed gig on Skull Island as an adventure tour guide!

(All creature voices, save Kong, were performed by members of the UnPOP Podcast including the monstrously talented Sean Keller).

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Curtis Waugh
Curtis Waugh
Curtis is a Los Angeles transplant from a long lost land called Ohio. He aspires to transmute his experiences growing up a Monster Kid into something that will horrify normal people around the world. When he isn't bemoaning the loss of the latest Guillermo del Toro project, Curtis can be found every Thursday night at the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, awaiting the next Dwayne Johnson movie.