Zack Snyder Confirms Dead Robin’s Identity And Reveals Carrie Kelly Would Have Been Introduced

Justice League director Zack Snyder just dropped a bombshell about who the dead Robin was.

And no, it’s not Jason Todd. Apparently, there were plans for another Robin in the works.

Robin Zack Snyder


According to Screen Rant, fans were posting theories in response to a deleted Suicide Squad scene. When confronting Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Batman (Ben Affleck) says that Joker “took something important from me.”

Naturally, fans began speculating as to the wearer of the Robin suit. In response to the question, Snyder sent out the tweet, “Richard.”

This is a reference to Richard “Dick” Grayson, who was the first Robin and later became Nightwing.

What this would mean for the planned Nightwing film is anyone’s guess. But it appears that Snyder does not think much of the adult Grayson or his alter ego.

Also, Snyder revealed there were plans to bring Carrie Kelly into the DCEU. He also made the cryptic tweet that Dick would stay dead “till Carrie”. Whether this means Grayson would return from the dead or not is unknown.

Carrie Kelly Robin

Carrie is a fan favourite who made her debut as Robin in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns miniseries. She would later appear as Catgirl in The Dark Knight Strikes Again. The character also has a major role in The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

Snyder’s original plan would be to tell a story in five movies. Man Of Steel was the first chapter, then Batman v Superman, Justice League 1 and 2, and Man Of Steel 2. Of course, he is no longer spearheading the DCEU, so things will no doubt change.

How Robin would have fit in the grand scheme of things is unknown. Considering Snyder would have done five movies, he wouldn’t have much time to focus on Dick Grayson. This brings to mind the reason he chose to kill off Jimmy Olsen in Dawn of Justice. Snyder’s reasoning was because he felt there was no room for the cub reporter in the DCEU.

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