Why ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Bombed At The Box Office

Warner Bros. put $150 million behind a cult franchise and made a fantastic film that the general public doesn’t care to see, as ‘Blade Runner 2049’ brought a dismal $31 million at the box office this past weekend.

As we mentioned in the podcast below, science fiction fans love ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ but as a big-budget action film, it is excruciatingly boring.


If you look at the players involved it’s hard to justify the budget, and you understand why it failed.

Denis Villeneuve is a fantastic director and his previous film ‘Arrival’ which was nominated for eight Oscars and won Best Achievement in Sound Editing, barely made $100 million.

Last year everyone went nuts for ‘La La Land’ and Ryan Gosling, the film won six Oscars and barely made $150 million at the domestic box office. Overseas it did very well.

If you take out Star Wars and the Indiana Jones franchise, Harrison Ford hasn’t dominated the box office since the mid-90s.

Ridley Scott who directed the first film, couldn’t get the general public excited for ‘Alien: Covenant’ earlier this year as it could only bring in $74 million domestically on a $97 million budget.

Warner Bros. wanted to create a new franchise with ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ but according to the box office draw no wanted this to happen. Which is extremely sad for science fiction nerds around the world.

Why do you think ‘Blade Runner 2049’ failed to gather mass appeal? Comment below.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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