What Needs To Happen In The New ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Movie

After a lot of rumors and speculation it appears as if the Super Mario Bros. will finally be returning to the big screen. For those who are unaware this is a very significant event. After the poor reception of the live action film in 1993, Nintendo has been very cautious about their properties getting film adaptations. Rumors have popped up over the years about The Legend of Zelda and Metroid getting adaptations but these did not come to light. With a new film announced, the adaptation has a lot of riding on it and fans are well aware if things don’t go right, it may be another two decades before another attempt is made.

With the new Super Mario Brothers movie, the film will have to make sure it doesn’t repeat the mistakes of its predecessor. Here are a few essential elements which need to take place in the upcoming adaptation which should help lead the film towards success.

Super Mario


First off let’s talk about the story and plot. One of the biggest problems with a Super Mario Bros. movie is how much mythology the characters have to pull from. On top of the regular Super Mario Bros. games with their shear craziness and mayhem, the characters have also been Go-Karting, participated in the Olympics, and played every sport under the sun with their friends, rivals, and associates. The main concepts to stick to should include The Mushroom Kingdom, the fantastic creatures which populate it, and how it’s filled with fantastic items which allow the two plumbers from Brooklyn to do amazing feats. Speaking of Brooklyn…

One of the biggest problems with the first live action film was how it tried to tie everything back to reality. The film opened in Brooklyn and then spent the first third introducing the fantastic concepts from the games with a bizarre mixture of technology and magic. The new movie needs to open on Mario and Luigi already in the Mushroom Kingdom where flying turtles, bullets with eyes, and flying airships are the norm. A quick flashback showing how the brothers came to the kingdom can be shown but it shouldn’t be a major part of the film. They are plumbers from Brooklyn, they have to save the day, and this new world is full of magic. Keep it simple and move on.

Super Mario

The Characters

The movie needs to focus on four main characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser. Trying to sandwich in anymore characters of major importance will distract from the plot. Sure the film can feature Toad, Toadette, and even Yoshi as long as they don’t take a lot of time to introduce them. It would also help if Bowser’s second in command were a Magikoopa to help keep the theme of magic constant in the film. The Koopa kids shouldn’t make an appearance (at least not more than a mention or cameo) as they will too many characters to the line up.

For the characters, let’s start with the man with the red hat. Mario over the years has essentially become not only Luigi’s but everyone’s big brother. The character needs to help carry the film by showcasing how everything in the Kingdom is strange and foreign but not unconquerable. A storyline about his height (as the games have always shown him to be shorter than a lot of the other characters) and how it doesn’t stop him from doing what he wants to do would serve as a great moral message for the younger audience.

Luigi through the old animated series and his Luigi Mansion games, has been showed to a lovable coward. He is willing to go on adventures and risk his life for others but he can’t do it without a high pitch scream every so often. He will serve as the film’s comic relief but he will also be the one the audience will have their eyes on to see what hijink he gets into.

Princess Peach, though she will no doubt be kidnaped by Bowser, needs to showcase she is more than the damsel in distress. She needs to be portrayed as an individual who is using her power and authority to help the little people. For the movie show her nursing her citizens back to health, helping to feed the starving, and definitively spell out how the Kingdom would be in terrible condition without her presence

Bowser is going to be tricky. He needs to have a perfect balance of evil and comical. He goes around in a flying airship, kidnapping royalty, and turning people into stone but make him too dark and it won’t feel like him at all. Also, he can’t simply be evil. A reason must be given for why he insists Peach will be an essential part of making his plan (whatever it is) a reality.


So those are some basic guidelines for the new Super Mario Brothers movie. If the person reading this is a member of the studio behind its creation, please don’t hesitate to contact us for input. Monkeys Fighting Robots is always happy to help ensure any geek property gets the proper attention it deserves.

What would you like to see happen in a Super Mario Brothers movie? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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