Watch Tobey Maguire Unravel As Bobby Fischer In ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ Trailer

Bobby Fischer is the most famous chess player of all time, a child prodigy who turned into a grandmaster and, eventually, unraveled in his own mind. The new trailer for Pawn Sacrifice shows us Fischer’s rise to popularity and his showdown with Boris Spassky (Live Schreiber), complete with the geopolitical implications ad crumbling paranoia that was ultimately Fischer’s undoing.

Here is the Pawn Sacrifice trailer:

It’s been a while since Maguire has sunk his teeth into a role, and he looks promising in Pawn Sacrifice. The film has a Beautiful Mind vibe to it, the story of a mad genius. Edward Zwick, whose career has had its ups and downs, from the highs of Glory and Blood Diamond, to the lows of Love and Other Drugs, directs Pawn Sacrifice.


Aside from Maguire and Schreiber in the lead roles, Pawn Sacrifice stars Peter Sarsgaard and Lily Rabe. It will hit theaters in limited released on September 18.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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