Tye Sheridan Signs to Play Cyclops in Two More Films

Though X-Men: Apocalypse has not been released in theaters, news has come out that Tye Sheridan, the actor playing the role of a young Scott Summer, aka Cyclops, has signed on to play the role for two more films. This is almost entirely on speculation that the film will have the same critical and commercial success as its two recent X-Men predecessors, First Class and Days of Future Past.

Tye Sheridan
Credit: Marvel Comics

One concern surrounding the depiction of Cyclops in this film is how much of a role he will play in his development as a leader to the group of mutant heroes. In the previous trilogy, Scott Summer’s role was diminished greatly to being a romantic foil to Wolverine, much to the fans’ disapproval. This is a stark contrast to his role in the comics where he is among the premier leaders of the mutant heroes and key figures, second only to Prof. Charles Xavier.

Given photos of Tye Sheridan’s costume, particularly his visor/sunglasses did little to arrest this fear. Which might have been why photos of cast members in costumes highly reminiscent to the Jim Lee designs were released presently to the film’s release. Few would have also raised an eyebrow given Sheridan’s revelation that he had never seen the film prior to Days of Future Past. However, in all fairness, there have been many actors who have proven themselves worthy of similar roles by going in without prior knowledge.


When this becomes their regular uniform and if this will become a permanent element of the series will be seen in this feature and subsequent sequels. Furthermore, how Cyclops will grow as a character will also prove to be either a redemption or condemnation to Fox’s treatment of the famous mutant.

Given the recent successes of the previous X-Men films and the massively successful Deadpool movie, signs appear to show the studio’s sincerity to presenting these characters in a way respecting the original source material. Many seem to see this upcoming adventure for the mutant team as either the make or break to ensure a full salvation for the franchise.

Of course, it would be nice to see characters such as Juggernaut and Kid Omega return in faithful manner.

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