Twitter Takes A Look At The 2015 Oscars

Twitter dug into the millions of Tweets sent about the Oscar nominees to determine which are getting the most Twitter traction. Here are the most-discussed nominees in major categories:

Twitter Oscars

Twitter Oscar Best Picture



These results are based on Tweets discussing the nominee and specific Oscar-related terms since nominations were announced, which tells a bit of a different story than just measuring which film or star is getting the most overall conversation. For example, “American Sniper” is the most-discussed film among the Best Picture nominees; when analyzing what people talk about most in the context of the Oscars, “Selma” takes the lead.

We were also curious about *where* the Best Picture nominees were most popular. The interactive map below highlights which state saw the most Twitter activity for each film (adjusted for relative activity per state). As you can see, perhaps unsurprisingly, “The Imitation Game” was most popular in California, while “Selma” was most popular in Alabama; meanwhile, Utah was top state for both “The Theory of Everything” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

Twitter Oscar Map

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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