TULLY Trailer: Charlize Theron, Jason Reitman, Diablo Cody Together Again

In 2011, the acting/directing/writing trio of Charlize Theron, Jason Reitman, and Diablo Cody teamed up for Young Adult, an overlooked but quite ingenious slice-of-life story about a petty woman who wants to break up the marriage of her high school sweetheart. Tully, the team’s new film, looks to be something of a quasi-sequel/spiritual sequel to that movie.

Theron is back, this time as Marlo not Mavis, and while she might be saddled with a stable of kids this time it seems she isn’t handling it all that well either. Then, help arrives in the form of the movie’s title character. Check it out:

TULLY tells the story of Marlo (Theron), a mother of three including a newborn, who is gifted a night nanny by her brother (Duplass). Hesitant to the extravagance at first, Marlo comes to form a unique bond with the thoughtful, surprising, and sometimes challenging young nanny named Tully (Davis).


Young Adult flew too far under the radar to get the sort of recognition it deserves. And, while Theron has continued to flourish and evolve as an actress, Jason Reitman is looking to return to form after the one-two whiffs of Labor Day (remember that weird ass movie?) and Men, Women & Children. This definitely has the look of a film that could snap Reitman’s brief losing streak.

Tully opens April 20.


Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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