The Top 5 Horror Films Of 2006, Which One Is Your Favorite?

Some fans complain that the mid 2000’s seem a little barren. True, very few years can match the success of horror’s late 70’s to mid 80’s run. However, I honestly believe if you dig around enough you can easily secure enough valid entries to mold an interesting and debatable top 5 list for any year. Let’s start with 5 fun fright films celebrating their 10th anniversaries in 2016.

5. Slither

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This creature feature stars Nathan Fillion and the incredibly eye-catching Elizabeth Banks. Slither is a throwback film with a nostalgic 80’s double feature feel. A fantastic early effort from Hollywood heavyweight James Gunn that almost perfectly balances the absolute ridiculous and gooey monster filled fun. All though it sometimes skirts close to former genre staples like David Cronenberg’s 70’s masterpiece Shivers, it always feels like a well crafted mix of originality and homage. 6.7/10

4. Silent Hill

Not everyone’s cup of tea but this 2006 supernatural horror film based on the iconic game of the same title, maintains a large and active fan base visible on social media and every major horror event I attend. A more than serviceable cast including Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean add substance to this beautiful shot nightmare. Some of horror’s most visually exciting creatures live in this hellish town of mystery and madness. 6.9/10

3.  Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon

A fan favorite that came out of nowhere 10 years ago and had old school horror hounds making the obligatory “Have you seen this yet?” phone calls. A decade later it holds up well as a smart and creative take on the slasher sub-genre. Leslie is calculated, nice and deadly. He validates his predecessors before lulling us into an entertaining and memorable finale. One question remains, all these years and no sequel? Leslie has potential to join the greats, he just need another outing or two. 7.1/10.

2. Black Christmas

There’s not a better looking slasher gore film on this list. It strays from the 70’s classic enough to make it worth watching on its own merit. A superb cast of young and veteran actresses including Katie Cassidy, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Lacey Chabert offer better than average horror movie performances. The top-notch cast combined with the many great kill scenes, make the 2006 version of Black Christmas and it’s 1974  original, a perfect holiday double feature. It’s a remake and some won’t appreciate that but. it’s one of my 14-year-old daughters favorite yuletide watches and it seems to be a classic for that upcoming generation of fans. 7.4/10.

1. The Hills Have Eyes

Yes, another remake, and our top entry at that. Shame on us. However, you have to confess this amazing vision of terror from original creator Wes Craven (R.I.P.) and talented French filmmaker Alexandre Aja is truly unforgettable, all over again. The ultimate examination of a suburban family’s fight for life against a forgotten clan’s brutality and guerrilla warfare tactics. The bloody opus is redone at pitch perfect tone. Including the original version’s intensity and uncomfortable sequences designed to make the viewer throw their preconceived notions of horror on film completely out the window. 8/10.

That’s all for now Horror Hounds. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites in the comment section, or feel free to leave your own top 5 list from 2006. Come see me at The Horror Hound Page & Group on Facebook. We’ll be back next week with our top 5 horror films of 2001 (15 years ago) to discuss with all you fans out there. See us then.




Jamie DeCourley
Jamie DeCourley
A man on a mission to see every Horror film ever made.