Tom Holland Wants Ant Man & Spider-Man To Team Up

The Toronto Sun asked Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland what Marvel hero he wants to see in the sequel. His answer? Ant-Man, of course.

“For me? It would be Ant-Man. I think we could have a really fun time with Spider-Man and Ant-Man. A mini-Spider-Man could be really interesting and so cool. Swinging from that Coke bottle to that glass [he gestures to a coffee table in front of him], but making it look like Manhattan would be insane. It would be a really amazing way to start off the movie. You see Spider-Man swinging around in like Rome or something and he suddenly grows and it turns out he was on a model.”

Scott Lang and Peter Parker would be an interesting duo. While Tony Stark is an inspirational figure to Parker, it’s likely that Lang would be more of comedic relief in times of crisis.

Do you want to see Ant-Man appear in the next Spider-Man film? Comment below, let us know.


Spider-Man: Homecoming is released on July 7.

Aric Sweeny
Aric Sweeny
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