Tokyo Ghoul Goes Live Too?

Well, 2017 has been a year where ideas have been recycled. While anime usually manages to avoid this ruckus, it too has found itself tumbled up in this mess. With Gintama, Fullmetal Alchemist, and now Tokyo Ghoul too, everything this year has been going live action. Tokyo Ghoul becoming a live-action was another title that seemed furthest from the list of adaptions. However, with the movie just releasing in Japan we will soon see whether or not it flops like most live action adaptations.

What to Expect from Tokyo Ghoul

From what we know about live action films is that they are consistent in what they bring to the table. Usually, a good-looking lead actor and actress followed by the most action-packed scenes depending on the genre. The leads tend to be fairly popular since live-action has two or three main attractions. Including the former, a high fan base for the adapted series as well as an occult following for the group that does the music. With Masataka Kubota leading the line-up we can expect the same with this film. In addition, Radwimps make their appearance once again in the film.



Much like a Ghoul

Live action films these days almost perfectly embody what Tokyo Ghoul. Live action films have been feeding off of well-developed games and anime for quite awhile now. Why is this a problem? When we look at the movement from anime to live action, something always gets lost in translation. As I probably mentioned before, voice actors and actresses will always be a key part to anime. When adapted everything is lost in regards to this. So in reality who are we making these live action movies for? Since it is certainly not for the fans of the original series, is it to merely introduce those with a negative affinity to anime? It seems as if catering to the masses plays a greater role than creating new content to some extent.

Positive or Negative

With all this in mind, will Tokyo Ghoul’s live action be a success? I’m a bit divided on it since the gore can be a bit too much for casual viewers. Since it is known as a popular series, it does have the capacity to make it big. Do you agree with me, comment below with your opinions.

David Harada
David Harada
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