Todd McFarlane Talks Spawn’s New Costume In Upcoming Reboot

It’s been a while since we heard from the upcoming Spawn reboot.

Todd McFarlane is spilling the beans on the character’s new threads.

Spawn Film NYCC Todd McFarlane

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According to Cinemablend, the director took time to discuss Spawn’s costume in the new film. Fans will be happy to hear the reboot is heading in the right direction. One such factor will be the title character’s look.

“Does Spawn have a dark mask and his body dark and then does he have a cape in the comic books? Yes, yes, yes,” says McFarlane. “Will he have all of that in the movie? Yes, yes, yes.”

The 1997 film did get a lot of criticism for its depiction of Spawn. For example, the character having wings instead of a cape is not a great idea. In addition, the character would often remove his mask.

Image Comics spawn

McFarlane hints there will be some changes in the movie. However, he makes it clear fans are in for a surprise.

“So it’s not like I’m going to give him wings instead of a cape and I’m not going to give him no mask instead of a mask,” he says. “There’s no going to be any of that. It just won’t be exactly what a hardcore fan is used to.”

Special effects artist Greg Nicotero will be working on Spawn. His company, KNB, specializes in makeup and visual effects. Look no further than their work on The Walking Dead.

The new film will star Oscar winner Jamie Foxx as Al Simmons/Spawn. Jeremy Renner will  appear as Twitch Williams.

Spawn is said to be aiming for release in 2019.


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